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  • A Few Job Pics

    Here are a few pics of a job that we recently did. Hope you enjoy.
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    The last ones before paint and mounting back on machine.

    I'll get some of it after paint and mounting Monday and post if you all want to see them.
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      Looks like she'll work now! Nice job on that.
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        Holy crap! I’ve never seen one break there.

        Looks like a ton of work, how long did it take?

        Did you make it stronger this time?


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          Coming from someone who does this nature of work, thanks for doing a pro job. Nothing worse than seeing someone do a sketchy patch job and giving us a bad name. By the way, the pictures don't show it too well, is the original skin full of stress cracks or was it warped or stretched? It is unusual to have to replace the skins past the boom cylinder bosses, unless of course they are the origin of the problem, but that's a whole different problem. Tell the guy paying the bill to do himself a favour and fire the the guy operating that 160.


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            nice job

            nice job by the look of the rust that has been cracked awhile.nice work/repair
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              Unreal...!! Let me crawl out from under this rock I've been living. Good job! I can appreciate the work it took to get it to exacting original fit. And I thought my guys could break anything. Thanks for sharing to us the pics...
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                i'll bet there were a lot of 4 letter words used when that babby snaped. great looking repair.
                thanks for the help
                hope i helped
                feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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                  how did you get the contractor to let you take it to the shop? usually they just want it "patched" just long enough to get them through the week then you never see them until it fails again creating alot more work for you and cost to them! wich takes us back to what coalsmoke said, unfortunatly it's not always up to the repair man how good a job he can do. it depends on the time frame and the customers budget, in a perfect world we could have unlimited time and funds to do the type of work we want to but that's hardly ever the case.
                  nice work cnslmva!
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                    Very professional.


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                      That is a very complete, nice looking repair! I am going to carry my laptop over to my buddy's shop to show it to him; he's known to be a little rough on his machine and he owns it! JEFF
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                        Very nice! Your process looks very orderly and well-thought out to maintain original geometry.

                        Was this a previous repair gone bad? The fracture surface looks more like an old flame cut than fatigue, and there is a stub of wire sticking out on the right side of the closeup.

                        I'm surprised that the operator couldn't see this one coming. I guess he was hoping for a long weekend!

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                          Good job, man....verrrry professional. These pics are way beyond the type of welding I do (mostly sheetmetal and light stuff), but I can certainly appreciate the hard work in getting that mess all cleaned up, fitted properly, welded etc.
                          I would like to see the overall repair painted and mounted back on the machine just so I can do a comparison pic from the first broken to the last repaired.
                          Oh yeah, like Coalsmoke said; have the owner fire the SOB that was abusing this machine....he'll save money in the long haul. I can only imagine what that repair bill will cost......

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                            It looks like their maintenance and preshift inspections need some fine tuning
                            I wonder how old that crack was. It does look like it was worked on before.
                            Nice repair.