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  • Help with Tig and Aluminium

    Um, how do you tack weld an aluminium T-weld? I always used those arrow magnet thingys for steel corner and T-welds but since aluminium is non-ferrious they can't be used. So how do you do it? My last joint in aluminium Tig welding is a T joint and I need to know how to pull it off so I don't ruin a bunch of aluminium.
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    use some vise grips and a piece of angle iron pretty basic.
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      I find the best way to hold aluminium and other none ferrour metal at right angles is to get a steel angles brackets they are usually about 2" by 2" and get some really tiny clamps so that you clamp it all togather while you talk both ends and maybe a tack in the middle. Then remove the metal from this little jig and you will be ready to weld

      I hope I have answered your question


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        Thanks for the help. Yes you did answer my question, Aluminium is a whole new game for me and help really go's a long way.
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          I use a right angle plate (machinists angle bracket really), screwless vise, 1-2-3 blocks, and clamps to pinch the vertical plate to the horizontal, if on the bench of course. Works pretty well for me.

          I have also used a cinderblock (CMU) for bigger parts. You are probably going to have to check the alignment after tacking anyways since it will pull.

          Just some thoughts,


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            Don't use magnets by an arc


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              hook up dynasty200dx

              best regard to you i want to know how can i hook up the 200DX in pulser situation for welding 3mm aluminum sheet thanks .


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                Mig For Aluminum

                i want to know does XR control wire feeder operates with syncrowave350 lx for 3mm aluminum sheet welding


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                  If it's a small part, you can eyeball the angle, use a welding finger to hold it in place, tack it, then tweak it before you weld it solid.
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