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anyone by there welder online?

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  • anyone by there welder online?

    i am wanting to order a 210 and can't help but be tempted to order it from quimbys on ebay. at almost $1300 thats a bargain and saving me about a hundred in tax. they even have free shipping. how could i go wrong with that any input will be appreciated.

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    I picked up my TA 251 from Indiana Oxygen Co. online and had no issues.
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      I hear not so much of problems in regards to buying from online depots, but rather through poor shipping, which can give a person a lifetime of headaches.


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        Like Coalsmoke says, it's the shipping companies that sometimes mess things up, so always inspect before you sign. The UPS guy is getting paid to watch you unpack it; that's his job, whether or not he likes you knowing that. There were some issues here last year with IOC refusing to send a third unit when the first two were damaged by the shipping company and the buyer properly refused them. I buy almost everything online, except gases and fillers.


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          DHL in my area are very rough on packages...they left a friends welder on the side walk and it was banged all to heck and it came from ioc
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            I looked at IOC, Quimby, etc. before I bought my MM210. I visited the local weld supply shop and his price (no haggling, either) was $50 less than any of the online guys.

            I intended to wrestle the MM210 welder into my car, but he offered to deliver it to my home (35 miles away) for an additional $25. He was so cooperative, I bought my tanks from him and had those delivered, too.

            I intend to buy a TIG from this same vendor. I'm sure he will pick up & deliver tanks to my home as required.

            The moral of this story: shop around as the best deal may be close to home!



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              I purchased my MM210 online and had no problems ... got a much better price than any local place....
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                I gotta say Quimby's is a great outfit. They went out of their way to make me a good deal on a MM210 last year. You get to talk to real live sales people who know their product line and compete for your business as they should. Some others are just order takers. If they have to spend more than two minutes on the phone with you then your just not worth the effort.



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                  It all depends on your local dealer's pricing. I bought my MM210 from IOC and would do it again. FedEx did a great job for me. Local dealers may have realized that it's better to sell at a somewhat lower margin than to tet the bigger internet dealers get all the business. IOC, B&R and Quimby are all brick and mortar dealers. IOC has been around since around 1915.


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                    I printed the e-bay listing from IOC for a Dynasty 200DX and gave it to the rep from my local supplier. They matched the price and delivered it to my shop. I prefer to spend my money with the local merchants. Most tiimes they want your business just as much as the on-line vendors, and they are willing to make less on a sale to keep you as a customer rather than lose the sale. If you have a problem, they are a little more eager to get you straightened out, as now it is their reputation on the line, not some e-vendor.


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                      I'm with WB5JHY on this one. Quimby's has done me pretty good on my stuff....
                      Call and ask for Tom. He's a good guy to deal with and will get you a good price.
                      I've bought alot of stuff outta there at great prices and never had a problem...
                      BTW, that MM210 is on heckuva machine. I love mine.....

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                        I got the best price on my Trailblazer + Spoolmatic + Suitcase from the local AirGas store. Hundreds less than any web store. Also, since this was a big ticket sale (for their store) the bottles, MIG wire, welding cables, etc. were priced cheap.

                        OTOH, bought the Clarke Hotshot on eBay, new in box, half of retail.

                        Depending on your location, there's probably an AirGas, Praxair, ESAB or family owned store nearby. Sometimes they'll beat web prices, sometimes not.
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                          Any item I needed to look at first I bought from the local welding supply. It is unethical, at best, to shop locally and examine the merchandise then buy online to save a couple bucks. If everybody did this how long would the LWS be there? It's not supported by your local tax dollars (ie, it's not a public service). This may not be everybody's experience, but I have always found the LWS to be competitive on the big ticket items.

                          When I was shopping for 500 amp welders last year the best price I got (with no haggling and no pressure) was locally. Only reason I didn't go for it was I got a good deal (also locally) on the two used Lincoln Commanders.

                          I do buy things online, however. Oftentimes I'm too busy to get into town to get stuff, I'll order boxes of grinding wheels, torch tips, torch heads, electric tools, etc. when I know exactly what I want and just order it two days later it's sitting on my doorstep when I come home.


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                            I bought my Dynasty 200DX, Spectrm 625, MM210, Jackson EQC Helmet, Miller BWE, 3035 Spoolgun, and several spares from, and have had nothing but great service from them. They have used both FedEX and SAIA Freight for shipping, and never a problem.

                            They were much cheaper than anywhere locally, and yes I tried real hard to buy locally. The difference was several hundred $$$ per machine!



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                              I bought my TA185 from Welding Supply. Shipped UPS with no problems, but I have had damaged shipments in the past. You're betting on the come line, for sure!

                              Airgas came thrugh for me locally on the MM210, though. Welder, 3035, dual cylinder rack (but I had to assemble it) for $1600.

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