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Maybe a problem with Optrel Satellite?

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    Great to hear that Optrel is trying to provide service almost on a level that Miller does!
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      Hi Hawk, any luck ? JEFF
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        I use my Satellite for everything; TIG, MIG and plasma cutting, and it is gold. I have never been flashed, it will always adjust to the right shade, and it as as comfortable as a hood can be. I love the grinding mode and that it is always on. I wouldn't own a helmet that did not adjust below 9 (had em before, cant' go back), as I can see much better with the lower shade on low amp TIG work.

        I have had it for about 2 years. If I lost it today, I would own another one by tomorrow. No offense to the competition, but in my opinion it is, hands down, the best welding hood on the market.



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          Originally posted by jeffscarstrucks
          Hi Hawk, any luck ? JEFF


          Everything is about the same. I have not called Optrel. I want to run a few more tests before calling. A week is not going to make the difference as it well out of warranty. I'll give it a good comparison with the BWE again before calling. My biggest concern is it's just not dark enough for the type work I'm doing. It is acceptable to use as long as I watch my viewing angle with respect to the weld area.


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            Originally posted by bigdogjoe62
            Hawk get a hold of optrel customer service with ser# off lens they might have a recall on it an replace n/c with new one,I had a customer with one he was having problem with it was 3-4yrs old and they sent him a new lens N/C
            Thanks for the info. I'll try them first of the week after some more conclusive testing.


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              I had a cheap AD helmet that was like that. tilt head down and it is bright, tilt head up and the vision was dark. gets annoying after a while. to the best of my knowledge, my speedglas is not like this.


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                Help With Optrel Satallite Settings For Tig At 30-40 Amps?

                I have a new Optrel Satallite helmet and I thought I had the settings correct for welding with my Diversion 165 Tig, and I see some spots after welding when I lift up my helmet after I see some spots like camera flashes? What would you recommend for settings? Do any of you out there have one of these? What works best for you while welding 30-40 amps-sheet metal?

                Thank You,



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                  I have the same hood but I like my shade very light so I'm on 7-8 Mig welding

                  6-7 Tig welding.

                  It really helps to light up your work area-

                  The Shade settings are for comfort so adjust to where you feel comfortable.
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                    Been getting a flash with my Optrel. Set it facing sunlight for a couple of hours and it works fine. It has a battery, but it isn't replaceable. A friend also says sitting it under a 100 watt bulb for 24 hours will charge the battery.


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                      PS....My problem is I don't use it enough or the arc would keep it charged


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                        Fantastic lid but need to be used

                        I have used Opterls for over 10 yrs. When I was not welding full time my helmet sat in my tool box alot and from time to time I would get the symtom you refer to. I have had two helmets go this way and have had to replace them. Now that I weld full time my helmet is never in my tool box and I never have this problem. I have two, one sits in my Rig and the other in my shop, both get alot of daylight exposure.

                        I found leaving them in bright daylight for a few hrs definitly helped but once they started to go the end was nigh. My guess is the battery developes a memory or gets fed up with being stored half flat and never getting a full recharge.



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                          had a hobart helmet that went bad- the lens looked like water on one half-the boys @ hahn welding asked me if i left it in my cold truck every night(wife and daughter take up both garage bays) and i said yes-apparently not too healthy for them-it was a auto darkening model(not sure of the model #) so now i bring the repalcement in @ night and 3 years strong so far. maybe these guys at the welding stores know something after all. seem to go thru a lot of batteries though(probably made in china)


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                            I bought the Optrel 680e about 6 months ago and I love it for TIG - goes down to #5 if you need it that low. It is very light as well and NO problems so far LOVE it!!!
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