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Gary's Welding Trailer Project

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    Originally posted by garybdavis View Post
    I hope I haven't led anyone astray, but I'm what you guys would call a hobby welder. I do a lot of fence work around the farm and that's what I built this rig for. I know I couldn't justify the expense, but nice tools and equipment is my one vice. If I were making a living, I'd probably get a dedicated truck and outfit it.

    This leads to question. How many welders that make their living from it use a trailer set up verses a truck rig?
    I like the trailer idea way better however if you ever drop your trailer in town you should have a trailer wheel boot so nobody can hookup and take off.
    there is no such thing as I will only be a few minutes my stuff should be okay
    I'm only getting a coffee.


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      Trailer plans

      Gary I tryed to e-mail you about your plans. But your Email address is no good. You did a really great gob with your trailer and would love to get a copy of your plans. Keep up the good work.



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        Give me your email address and I'll get them sent to you.
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          Absolutely love the trailer. I am looking to build something similar for my AEAD 200 LE. I will email for the plans.


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            trailer plans

            e-mail to [email protected]



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              Hello Gary beautiful trailer.if you dont mind ,i'd as well like check out those plans. Thank you [email protected]


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                Hello Gary,

                If you get a chance, I would like a copy of your plans please. Thank You.

                [email protected]
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                  Trailer Plans

                  Good Morning Gary

                  I would also like a copy of your trailer plans. You do very professional work.

                  thank you for your time.


                  [email protected]
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                    One of the nicest trailers I have ever seen...and built by a hobby guy to boot!!!! WOW!!!! If you have time would you please send me a copy of your plans.

                    Thanks in advance,

                    [email protected]


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                      Another request for plans

                      I receintly signed up to receive the news letters, and found your article and pictures in one of the back issues. You do nice work.

                      Some time ago, I mentioned to my wife that I would like to have an engine driven welder so that I could help out a couple of land-owners that have been kind enough to allow me to hunt on their property for a number of years.

                      I must be doing something right, because about a week ago, Santa Claus brought me a brand shiny new Trailblazer 302.

                      If you are not sick of requests for plans, please add me to the list of those who would like to copy your design. "Immitation is the most sincere form of flattery."

                      Thank you,

                      Doug Rude


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                        Gary, That is so sweet! Looks great.


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                          I really like it man... but I gotta tell ya... you made the same mistake I did. You put your oxy acy bottles on it. Its a 500 dollar fine in MD. And de. And they can also shut you down right on the spot. I dunno the laws where your at but I would imagine their the same....?

                          To get by at all, even on a truck your straps have to be DOT approved. Or at least look like the ones that are DOT approved. I would bet that if a DOT man passed you goin down the highway he would stop you. It happened to me just cause I had em on the trailer. I made my own straps and he didn't even notice that
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                            7 Yr Old Thread
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                              Lol... never paid any attention to it.


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                                trailer project

                                Originally posted by garybdavis View Post
                                Give me your email address and I'll get them sent to you.
                                Gary.good job on the trailer, I just finish looking at the pictures and if you don't mind can you e mail me the plans of the trailer I am going to attempt to make one for my welding machine is a miller legend nt tank you in advance.