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    I am getting ready to build platform for a generator that will hang off the front of my old Wheelhorse tractor (they use to sell something like this) such that it can be driven by a belt from the engine. I have a couple of these old tractors and one of them is 20 hp. With that tractor, I can run a 10KW generator. This arrangement gives me some moble/back-up electricity without another engine to maintain.

    Aside using the generator to power drills, circular saws and such, I am wondering if it is possible to power my Dialarc for welding rods of 1/8" and less? One of the generators I am looking at is 10KW and puts out about 40 amps at 240 volts. I have the welder on a 50 amp circuit and have never made it trip that breaker for the stuff I weld.

    At the Lincoln Electric web site, there is an "Ask the Experts" FAQ section and they say "no", however the answer is with respect to their tombstone buzz box. They site the inefficiencies of that welder's transformer as the reason why a 5KW generator cannot be used and go further by stating that something on the order of 15KW is required. I should think that a Dialarc or similar premium copper wound transformer welder would be more efficient - hence my question.

    Anyone using an engine powered generator to drive their Dialarc's or Idealarc's, etc., stick welders? If so, how are you doing it?

    Just courious.

    Miller Dialarc HF

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    try it! i think it would handle the smaller rods but if you get close to the rated output of the generator i don't think it could maintain the current required. look at the tag on the welder it will tell you what the amp draw is.

    and if it works you might want to build a platform for the dialarc right away and have a mobil unit!
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