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How long should a tank of argon last?

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    TIG work seems to use about twice as much shield gas as MIG, per foot of welding. It's a part of the process:

    the preflow is needed to purge the area before arc-start,

    post flow is needed to protect the weldment AND to protect the tungsten as it cools. The minimum post flow is that the gas should continue as long as the tungsten has color (red or orange).

    Even the large 330 CF tanks go pretty quickly.
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      all single stage regulators will need reajusting as the botle presher changes. the flow meaters you showed for $60 is preferd by most TIG welders because it is easyer to see and read from a distance, alowing for checking flow at a glance, as it will change as the botle emptys if welding all day you may need to ajust during a job. a dule stage will maintain the same flow from start to finish but you will not like the $$$$$$$$$$$

      as for tapping the pedle for pre-flow you are again waisting gas as your synco will have a built in pre-flow, so you are starting the pre-flow then the post-flow, then the pre-flow all befor starting your arc and if you do lots of lil welds you are useing more gas than arc time for shoure. so to say you could get 3Hrs from a tank will all depend on how and what you weld, lots of lil tacks will use lots of gas just for pre and post flows. i would stop the pre arc tap as im almost positive your synco has a preset pre-flow its just not ajustable like the post flow because the post flow can be changed to acomidate the type of weld and matereal, where as the pre-flow is just about clearing the air to protect the work and tung. and start the arc. without a preflow you could not start an arc as it needs the gas to strike properly. well you could start it but it would not be prity

      the short version is your gage is most likely fine, you are just in shock over how much gass is used in TIG compared to MIG. your owners manual should tell you how to test the gage and hoses for a leak if you feel that is the problem, but the setting changing is not an indication of a bad gage.TIG just use'es a lot of gas witch is also part of the reason the $$$ for TIG work is higher.

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        As said, the older SD180 does not have an adjustable post flow. I prefer the ball type flow meters due to being able to check the flow easier. The color of the ball is normaly red but it is the scale your worried about. Make sure the meter is set up for Argon or Tri-mix or whatever your running...normally each one has a few scales for 2-3 different gases on the same meter.
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