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1 1/4" to 1/2" wheel hole adapter?

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  • 1 1/4" to 1/2" wheel hole adapter?

    Anybody know of an off the shelf step down bushing that will allow me to mount a diamond wheel (designed for a tool grinder) with a 1 1/4" hole to a standard bench grinder with a 1/2" arbor? I don't really want to make my own if possible.

    I guess it goes without saying that this is for tungsten grinding. These wheels can be picked up for under $60 on ebay.

    Thanks for any help!


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    Here you go, the exact link won’t come up, but type in “bushing”, or “Plain Bearings”


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      I made mine from a short piece of 2" aluminum rod stock, as it was easily turned, drilled & bored to size. The advantage to this is you can bore for the shaft and obtain a perfect fit, no matter if your grinder shaft is .495 or .502 or anywhere in between. Without rechucking, you can turn the OD for a perfect fit in the wheel - most run dead nuts 1.2500, +/- one or two tenths.

      By custom making the adaptor, you guarantee zero runout, both axially & radially. If you don't have the ability to do this, most job shops should be able to turn one out in an hour's total time, to your exact specs.
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        I dont know if it will go as big as 1 1/4", but the wheels i get at Graingers come with bushings installed. Just remove them until the desired size.


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          Try this is an awesome help for me on most things like this.
          Good luck,