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Long time lurker introduction <pics>

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    Welcome to the forum. It sure looks like you take great pride in your metal working projects.........good job. If by chance you do come to Wisconsin and tour the Miller facillity, why don't you plan a few extra days so you can come over to my place (just a few hours South of Appleton) and get me squared away (do) with a few projects I have put on the back burner because of a lack of time, patience, and skill level. This would also help you to keep from getting welders deprivation while you are away from your shop for an extended period......ha ha............again, excellent job.


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      Fun4now: yes I made the bucket also. It is actually quite easy. Once the sides are made, you just bend the bottom plate around them, tacking as you go. It is only 1/8 plate so it does bend somewhat easy.

      Pat, I would love to see the plant. I hear that they make everything there! There aren't many products these days that are made totally(or mostly) in the us or canada. I did a Mapquest search and it is about a 12hr drive for me . That would defianetly be a solo trip without the wife and kids! As for help with other projects, as you can see I have lots to do ! .



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        nice malibu bumper

        Scottw: Mine is a 78', I'd recognize that bumper anywhere, can you post complete pics of this car? I'd love to see them .
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        Cheers, and
        are we there yet?


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          Hi There, I actually never completely finished the car. I decided to buy a house and had to clear some of my toys. I do have some other pics. I will see what I can dig up. I did get some from the guy that completed the car but I am not sure where they are. I loved the car, I wish I could have finished it. The guy that bought it didn't do as nice of a job as I had wanted. The car does run low 10's in the quarter and hooks nice and straight according to him. It was my second "tub" job the first I did when I was 15. It was a 78 Regal. I will see if I can find the pics for that. I did finish it. It ran in the low 12's.