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Chop Saw VS Dry Cut Saw

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    Originally posted by T_Bone
    Hi JT,

    I was looking at the blades that run in the $130 range and see Makita makes a couple blades for that saw. So you have the number of teeth or a stock number for just the blade?

    Another? Do you hog thru the cut? med pressure? or?

    Noise? Like a circular saw with a metal blade? or?

    I see that you've said you haven't cut any SS and on that page Carl sent us too, they make a blade for cutting SS, $240. Spendy but if it's like you say the carbon steel blade cuts, it'd be worth it.

    I get blades for right at $100 local.

    We do it just like the manual says, use enought pressure to drag the motor just a little, but not much. And if it makes sparks you're not pushing enough. So we push firmly.

    Loud skreeching noise, Kind of like a skill saw only more so.

    I don't have the foggiest on SS as of yet.

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