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Overhead Welding & BWE Helmet Question

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  • Overhead Welding & BWE Helmet Question

    Reading through the owners manual for my new Miller Big Window Elite welding helmet I found this quote, "Do not weld in the overhead position while using this helmet."


    Just courious.

    Miller Dialarc HF

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    Others will correct me if I`m wrong but I belive most non fiberglass welding helmets will say that.I`v got a Jackson Shadow that says basicly the same thing.


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      Miller is just concerned and wants to keep the sparks from scooting down your shirt! i think Stick rod is correct.......although i haven't read the manual on my Optrel
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        It's not that Miller is concerned about spatter going down your shirt lol. The exterior lenses are plastic, Overhead welding and plastic lenses just don't mix


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          Miller recomends it to cover themselves in the event that someone melts through the clear with a big hot ball of metal and wrecks the lense, or worse themselves.

          That being said, I've done lot's of out of position, including some really awkward overheads, with Miller helmets and never had a problem. Your clear lenses won't last as long and the gasket tends to get burnt, but unless you do something extremely stupid the helmet should be fine.
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            The shell is plastic. No fiberglass in it to catch the hot slag. In the extreme overhead, when it is directly over your face, hot slag can burn through the shell and get to your face.
            I have burned up a shell already. That was when the meaning of this warning came through loud and clear.
            I use mine for all positions but OH is now done from the side where is it safe for my hood and my face.
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              What good is a hood that can't be used for overhead??? Maybe for production line workers, but not any good for someone in the field..."I'm sorry boss, my hood won,t let me weld overhead"


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                I use mine for everything. My overhead welds stay in the puddle
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