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440C to 316SS

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  • 440C to 316SS

    My first post. In another life I was a pipefitter/welder. I was a hand? Not anymore! Can't see for one thing and haven't kept my hand in. Anyway, a hobbyist now and trying to join the above metals. I have a Syncrowave 180, a 135 mig and a Hypertherm 380. All nice gear for my needs (auto resto, small fabrications). BTW, the metal dimensions to be welded are about 3/4 x 5/16. The 316 can be another alloy but must be corrosion resistant and tough. Suggestions welcomed!

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    The problem is the 440C, not the 316. The austenitic stainless steels like 316 are readily weldable. The martensitic stainless steels like 440C tend to form a brittle microstructure in the HAZ. Pre-heat (>500°F) is necessary and post weld tempering is recommended.

    Does this help?
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      I agree with Bill. If you can eliminate the 440 from the weldment, you'll be way ahead. An ideal material might be 316L (low carbon), as it is one of the most weldable of the stainless steels.

      "Grade 316L has outstanding welding characteristics. Post-weld annealing is not required when welding thin sections.
      Grade 316L is the low carbon version of 316 and is immune from sensitisation (grain boundary carbide precipitation)." A top choice for marine weldments & other conditions of harsh exposure.
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        The problem is, the 440 is the necessary part.

        Back to the drawing board. Thanks for the info, and yes, of course it was helpful.