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Merry Christmas

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  • Merry Christmas

    Well ill start the MERRY CHRISTMAS post to all hope everyone has a BLUE christmas this year

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    Merry Christmas to you and all the family here. I am hoping to get some time to weld on Christmas
    MM210 w/3035
    Next up - Sync 200


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      Happy Holidays everyone
      Regards, George

      Hobart Handler 210 w/DP3035 - Great 240V small Mig
      Hobart Handler 140 - Great 120V Mig
      Hobart Handler EZ125 - IMO the best 120V Flux Core only machine

      Miller Dynasty 200DX with cooler of my design, works for me
      Miller Spectrum 375 - Nice Cutter


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        Likewise, hope everyone has a safe and happy hoiliday.



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          Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas to all.
          Dynasty 350DX
          Dynasty 200DX TigRunner
          MM 350P
          MM Passport Plus
          Spectrum 375 Extreme
          08' Trailblazer 302


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            Merry Christmas to all! I don't have any blue ordered for Christmas, but maybe something will show up.


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              Merry XMAS to all!!!!! and Happy Holidays for the politically correcting folks.


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                Merry Christmas to everyone, may your weld puddle stay hot this hoilday season.


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                  happy holidas to all,and hopefully your shop is heated


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                    Merry Christmas & Happy, prosperous, safe New Year!

                    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our members and guests.

                    Thanks to all for your contributions to this site and thanks for keeping it a nice clean format that anyone can visit.

                    My wish for you all is that you have the time needed to spend QUALITY time with loved ones this Christmas season.

                    I sometimes let other things allocate the time I spend with those who need it most, but this season I'm going to focus on my loved ones as everyone should.

                    Thanks again!

                    Merry Christmas
                    La Navidad
                    Dies Natalis Domini
                    Boze Narodzenie



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                      A sincere Merry Christmas and a verrrrry Happy New year to all (no political correctness here)....
                      I've got the BWE that Andy autographed for the contest under the tree....hopefully I will get to use it this coming week!!! Only a few hours left to wait....

                      MM210 w/3035 Spooler
                      Stars & Stripes BWE signed by Andy

                      TA185TSW w/Miller Radiator 1
                      Miller Spectrum 125C
                      Victor O/A
                      Parker Plasma 40


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                        Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all here on the board.

                        No pc options here either. Red state getting redder.

                        All welders are blue though.


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                          Merry Christmas

                          Merry Christmas to everyone. Gives us a time of year to reflect on the past year and be thankful for what we have been given. I spent a month in hospital this past year with some fairly serious surgery and two more months recovering. Prayers, a great support group and skilled surgeons gave me the best gift that I could ever hope for.



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                            Andy & Hawk

                            Merry Xmas & a great new year !
                            This is from the reader gang that enjoys learning from all the posts ! We are more at home listenins & learning. To all the teachers on this board hats off. You know who you are. Keep that info coming for us dunbies.



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                              Merry Christmas,
                              To all the members that make this board so fun and educational. It's a nice place to come and learn. Out of all the boards that we have to choose this is the one place that I know there will be a good informative, clean and interesting topic being discussed.
                              Once again Merry Christmas,
                              5 Passport Pluses
                              2 MM 212's
                              MM 210
                              MM 251 MIA
                              MM 350 P w/Python
                              Syncrowave 250
                              w/ tig runner
                              Trailblazer 302
                              12RC w/meters
                              Spectrum 1000
                              Spectrum 2050
                              2 Black BWEs
                              Joker BWE
                              Star & stripe BWE Digital
                              2 star & stripe xlix's

                              REAL TRUCKS RATTLE
                              CUMMINS BABY