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Tig Helmet for a Blind Welder

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  • Tig Helmet for a Blind Welder

    I have been using a Radnor solar helmet with 2.5 magnification for the last year. Works great when I’m using my MM251 but when I switch to Tig my focal length is too far away to see small arc’s.

    I wear bi-focals and yes I need new prescription, but would like to hear from others with the same problem.


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    TIG via braille is NOT recommended

    I'm not quite that bad, but I feel your pain. I hear that a GOOD optometrist can help you if you explain what you're trying to do. The only ones I can find are more like "here use this...if it doesn't work, you'll get used to it" What a PITA. I've spent over $1200 on glasses in the past 4 years & can still see better without them than I can with them!
    The Miller Big Window W/shade set appropriately & a 1.75 cheater works as good as anything so far.
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      I usually carry a wide assortment of cheaters and glasses. For normal stick welding I use prescription glasses that are good up to reading distance. For tighter work...tigging and stick tube/pipe... I add a #1.00 cheater. For jammed in work the 1.00 gets changed to a 1.50 or 1.75. I also carry another set of prescription glasses that allow me to see 3" in front of my nose for the occasional times when the design of a full face respirator doesn't allow for the use of cheaters. Takes some experimenting but works pretty good overall. Can't turn back old age. BTW I only use the basic flip front shield.


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        I have exactly the opposite problem, without my correction my focal length is about 6" past that is quite bad. I would recomend going to the welding supply and try a few different optics probably 1 step stronger will probably help for the different working length.

        Trial and error! UGH!


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          I use a BWE with a 2.5 cheater lens and I wear no line bifocals. When I'm reaching out as far as I can, I take the glasses off, when welding in close I adjust the magnification by tilting my head to see thru a different part of the bifocal.


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            Trap Doctor,

            I wear bifocals with a 1.25 top and 2.00 bottom corrected for astigmatism. Up close tig became a real problem for me a year ago. I found two workable solutions.

            Welding with my bifocals on using an Optrel Satellite works, but is not what prefer for extended welding time.

            The Miller BWE with an assortment of cheaters put to the test showed a 1.5 magnifying lens to work best for me even though I use the 2.00 magnification in my bifocals. The larger viewing area of the BWE is a definite advantage. I tried .75-2.5 magnifying lens before I setled on the 1.5 cheater lens.


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              Trap Doctor,

              What ever helmet and cheater lens combination you choose needs to be kept clean. A good supply of replacement covers inside and out as well as a few extra mag lenses is a huge help. I have devoted my BWE with cheaters to TIG only. Sometimes the mag lenses do not clean very well so I just replace them when cleaning is needed.


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                have a pair a glasses made that you only use for tig welding with the proper prescription. you dont need to see down the road while you are welding. I have a decent Jackson helmet, at least i thought it was, but when i got my tig welder i couldnt see the puddle or arc very well especially at low amperages . So i got a BWE and only use it for tig....good luck
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