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  • Thailand

    Well I'm off to Thailand tomorrow, where gas bottles are delivered by motorcycles, and people use ac transformers without helmets to weld.

    Oh. and the girls are pretty, a lobster dinner costs about 8 bucks US, and a buck a Heiniken.

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    not that i promote it but i hear prostitution is legal also.
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      enjoy the warmer weather send me a price on that 12rc when you get back.


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        I havn't been there since 1968 but then it was a great place to visit, I am sure you will love it.
        Regards, George

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          My dad was there and needed some SS welding done.

          He went to a welding shop that was reccomended for its excellent workmanship.

          ALL of the people there welded (TIG no less) without ANY eye protection. They just squinted. My dad asked why they were not supplied hoods and the foreman showed him a wall filled with dusty hoods.

          The welds are supossed to be really good.

          I really do not know how these people do that. I have flashed myself before for less than a second and was amazed at how bright and white the light is. Never mind doing that all day long. I wonder how many go blind at a young age?


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            I've had my helmet time out on me and got hit hard and that was still inside the hood. No way I could weld just squinting.

            Heineken is also a buck a bottle in Vegas, but you have to put up with horrible Elvis impersonators with James Brown wannabe sidekick stage acts to get `em.
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              There have been many a "Westerner" man never come back from there. They just chose to stay....
              They call Bangkok the "Adult Disney World"....and yes, the women are some of the prettiest in the world.....have fun!!!!!

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