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Anyone ever build a trailer mover?

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  • Anyone ever build a trailer mover?

    I recently completed a 24ft mobile dyno-jet trailer (6500lbs). My lot is pretty small and I need a good way to manuver it around.

    When it comes to ratings for larger trailers this seems like the place to go:

    But the price tag is a little steep when you look at the parts, a steel frame, a motor, some gears/chains, and wheels.

    Anyone ever build one of these yourself? they don't seem to use very big motors, even a golf cart motor would seem to be overkill. Though if I could pick up an electric golf cart drivetrain cheap and lock up the clutch it may be an easier solution.

    Another idea I had was starter motors, I have several Ford V6/V8 ones laying around. The RPM Is pretty low, would need to be further reduced. The torque is going to be pretty good. I am just afraid running it for more than 30-60 sec will overheat it.
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    Trailer mover

    Years ago when I was a young lad, I worked at a trailer sales depot. I routinely moved 20-24 foot trailers with their hydrostatic Bolen riding lawnmower . People couldn't beleive their eyes! Backing up was hard though.....this was a flat lot also. Just a thought.

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