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Wood burning stove for garage

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    I might worry about my filler rod, since its so thin. Time to get the rod holders


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      time to get welding


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        home made wood stoves

        One thing I'd like to add, about homemade wood stoves, in general not a good idea. My insurer was giving me a "grey" answer when questioned about having a non-certified stove in a detached shop. My detached shop is less than 50' from my house. His concern was if the non-certified stove in the detached shop caught fire and took the house. Or if I tried to claim insurance on the detached shop(14x16). I didn't want any grief so I bought a 220v electric for my shop. My house is heated with an insert, and I love it .

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        are we there yet?


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          hey fasbu, any new projects lately? What have you been up to?


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            busy busy

            Coalsmoke: Depressing, the trail out to my shop isn't even shoveled. We're busy at work(OT ), couple that with my school , my 12 week old daughter , and that's my day. Also, I probably drove by your house last weekend, I was at UCFV(stayed in Twassasan). Scheduled there for this weekend as well. An 8 hour drive one way plus 15 hours lecture over the weekend is enough to bag me out. I wish that I was a city person, there's a job for me at BCIT right now(I HATE traffic). Are you working during the day? If you want some company friday I'll stop by and check out the deck. Not sure how my schedule will play out. E-mail through forum is on I think. Last weekend I drove in snow the whole day, just in time for class. Four semi trucks wrecked on hope princeton-joy. Have a good one....

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              Originally posted by 90blackcrx
              Anyone own one ? If so how do you like it ? I was looking at this one just to see what there all about


              One load last 5 hours , for the price of wood compared to how much kersene cost, that sounds really nice.

              Any opinions ? Probably look into it more for next year, maybe insult the garage, seal it up really good. Garage is a 2 car but actually is a little bigger, how many btu should I be looking at do you think ?
              I have an old, old Ashley wood stove out in my shop that looks just like that and I use it in the winter to take the chill off. But heating/cooling a shop leads to lots of humidity = rust.
              As many have stated on here, wood can be a pain to regulate and when you do regulate it to get a long burn, you end up creosoting the chimney. Plus, you gotta split it, dry it, carry it, etc. etc. etc.

              If you're into fabbing things in your shop and you change your own motor oil in your vehicles, you might try one of these:

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                For Bob's shop, that could be the "hot" (har har) ticket.
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                  I have a wood stove in my shop along with my furnace, I only burn wood as long as I come across it for free other wise its not an economical thing to do.
                  I enjoy having a wood stove, however when we have alot of work going on we dont have time to mess with it, so we just leave the furnace on.

                  My furnace is one of the home made types, I made my own triple wall plenum for the stove pipe to go through the wall. and the smoke pipe outside is a 6" x 6" x 3/16" thick with a footing on the outside of the building.
                  A friend of mine who owns a HVAC company just lauphed when he looked at my set up. I asked him what he thought about my set up and he said it by far exceeds any ratings that they have out there.
                  That made me feel lucky that I did it right.
                  Note I realize the 3/16 wall tubing was a slight over kill but it was free so I used it.

                  As many of you said however if the stove is not UL rated the insurance companys does'nt care if its made out of 2" plate. all they care about is that UL rating.


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                    When I had my shop, I had a big custom built wood stove in it. I would fire it up in the morning when I woke up, and by the time breakfast was done the shop would be warm. I also plumbed in some copper tubing from a metal container and would feed used motor oil into the fire after it got hot. My parents live right on a river, and every time it floods (every fall) I would use a grappling hook we fab'd up to hook trees that were floating by. Let them swing into the bank and tie them off. After the water went down, we would break out the saws. Its not hard to cut/split a few cords of wood in a day. Let it dry all summer and enjoy the free heat in the fall and winter. I had a cheep redneck blower on mine. 24" Box fan from WalMart.
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                      Last year I helped my buddy build a logsplitter, money well spent, $350 and he split 4 cords in the first weekend.



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                        Well, I'll chime in---I heat my house with wood and agree with most of what has been said. You need to think about a year in advance--so if you cut wood now---you are doing it for next winter. Yes, it is time consuming and question the 2 cords a day figure. 2 cords is a stack 16' long x 4' wide x 4' high. I haul my wood in a little Ford Ranger and it take about 3 to 4 loads to make a cord.(I need a bigger truck!!!) All that said--I actually enjoy cutting and splitting the wood and I tolerate the stacking. And I get the wood for "free" meaning I don't have to buy the wood. and hey it makes a good excuse to buy a new tool once in a while (chainsaw, splitting maul, etc.

                        anyway I've rambled on enough---I think I'll go work some more on next years wood!!


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                          2 cords a day ?????? didn't someone tell them to put it in the fireplace first? we burn our airtight 24/7 in the winter (october to may) and burn between 1 - 2 wheelbarrows of wood per 24hrs, depending on the temperature outside.


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                            Its not hard to cut/split a few cords of wood in a day
                            I was refering to the above quote from Jeepasaurusrex about cutting a couple of cords of wood in a day. I define "cutting wood" as the whole process--from tree to stacked neatly. Now some may end up with a couple of cords in a day---but that is an awful lot of work in a short period of time.

                            Now, if you mean "cutting" as in bucking up enough to make a couple of cords, that's different---but if you add in the splitting and stacking--way more than I want to do in a day.

                            I burn wood to heat my house--up here in the Pacific Northwest and I have used just under a cord so far this winter---I have 3 more stacked up--just in case it gets really cold---I have a brother-in-law who runs his own logging outfit so wood is easy to come by--it's the preparing it to fit in a stove that's not quite so easy---but good work-out for shoulders and back


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                              thanks for the clarification, I thought someone said they were burning two chords in a day dropping, bucking, splitting, and stacking is hard pressed for 1 person to get more than a single chord done in a day, from what I've found. Others stronger / faster than myself may get better results, but that is a fair bit of wood. We used to sell firewood, got a tree farm instead. Growing christmas trees is way easier than the firewood game.


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                                Sticking with kerosene. I used it more and more since I posted this thread, and it heats up the garage really well. I let it run for 20 mins and turned it off, kept the garage hot for about 1 hour.

                                So its time to insulate the garage next summer.