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    Originally posted by Coalsmoke
    TB legend go here
    Looks like a lot quieter,

    Only two problems, only DC welding, and 1/2 the output (5000 vs 10000 watt)

    The new TB is 1/3 quieter than the old, might be quiet enough for the garage anyway.

    If I have problems I can make a little sound dedening room for it, heh.

    Anybody have one for sale?


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      Teeps, get a plug-in-the-wall unit for gararge use it you can, I have to wear earplugs when it is running in my garage, and, outlet power is much cheaper than fuel for the generator.


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        Bulldog / Coalsmake

        Congrats on the new machine, I think you will love it. I listened to the people here on the board before buying mine and wow am I glad I did. Was looking at the Bobcat 250 before, but after working with the arc on this one, I was glad I waited for the extra $$$. Great price too.

        Coalsmoke, could I get a copy of those docs as well. I am still playing with the dig settings on mine.
        Thanks -- Kelly

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          have you done much short arc with your 12RC? What size wire? Your impressions?
          Bill - I run mostly .035 solid with C25 shield, and some .045 Innershield. I doubt that my machine will see ten pounds of covered electrode in a year's use, it was purchased primarily to power the Suitcase 12RC or the Spoolmatic 30A.

          The Suitcase is a pleasure to use. Fast setup, quick drive roll changes, ability to fine-tune the arc from 75' away (longer if you buy additional extensions). IMO, the short arc is as nice, or nicer, than any single phase shop machine I've ever run. Easy to run sound welds overhead or vertical, as well as in position.

          Drive roll kits are available down to .023, so it should do a great job on light gauge metal.

          You can buy a great shop MIG machine...for what a 12RC with cable and gun costs.
          That's for sure! A friend has a TB302 and hauls his MM210 around -- if you're within 15' of the truck this may work O.K. The real advantage of the Suitcase is its 25# weight (vs. 200#), and the ability to get 90' from the truck (75' control cable + 15' gun lead).
          Barry Milton

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            Wire feed


            I bought a 12vs and am running it off of my 305G. The wire feeder is very nice and the feature of being able to lock on the trigger is very nice. I have only ran about a roll and a half of wire through it but have been very happy with it so far.



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              Originally posted by kejohnson
              Coalsmoke, could I get a copy of those docs as well. I am still playing with the dig settings on mine.
              no problem Kelly, just send me an email at the address I posted back on page one, and I'll send it along. My computer has been acting up, so it might take a day, but it'll get there.


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                Either machine will suit your needs. The 12RC really does shine on short arc and will run .023" wire just fine. I have .023" rollers and wire for mine along with C25. I am in East TN. You are welcome to try any or all of my set ups if you are in the area.


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                  I demoed a 12VS and it too runs a nice short arc, but not as sweet as the 12RC. The 12RC is a true CV machine operating on 24VAC from the TB302G. I think you would be very happy with it. Again if you are in the area shoot me an email.


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                    Thanks for the feedback on the .023 solid wire and the inductance setting. It sounds like the 12RC/302G combination pretty much does everything well!

                    "The more I learn about welding the more I find there is to learn..."