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Reusable car rotor

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  • Reusable car rotor

    Can I cut this rotor and just reuse it :P

    Found this in the street after the toe truck left

    Just felt like posthing, since I always see people posting things from there daily jobs

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    that is the funniest thing i have seen in a while! i wonder if it was making a bit of noise?
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      Originally posted by 90blackcrx
      Can I cut this rotor and just reuse it :P

      Just put a set of new pads on it Those ribs will add to the friction & give you some REAL stopping power!
      Of course, the pads won't last very long
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        You got it all wrong...

        Ya fill the gaps with JB Weld and turn it. Good as new!

        I've actually seen that before. My boss at GE bought a dodge ramcharger where both front rotors were ground down through half the ribs (based on thickness of what was left). The pistons were ground down substantially as well, and the calipers weren't rebuildable because of the gouging in the cylinder due to side loading.

        It had been a security vehicle for the U of M (minnesota). I guess they never took it too far off campus. Seeing how little material was keeping the fluid in, I was amazed it still stopped.
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          What memory's! My ex used to do that EVERTIME with the brakes. Drive it till the pads fall off...fluid leaking...hun, for some reason, the brakes are low...LMAO


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            Originally posted by tigman250
            that is the funniest thing i have seen in a while! i wonder if it was making a bit of noise?
            I actually checked the car out Saturday and said the need to be replaces asap, well the customer drove about 30 miles that way until she got it towed.

            After the tow truck driver pulled it in, he said and I quote " man that does not sound good at all "

            Basically the caliper would hit a slot and freeze the wheel, and then get going again.

            Caliper is seized also and leaking fluid out of places it should not be.


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              Thanks, Sled Head
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