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    I purchased two used Miller machines, both were only slightly used and were in as new condition. They were also well within the warranty period. I responded to the poll that I had bought used and had no problems , but do have to add the following comments.

    One machine is a Spectrum plasma cutter. The previous owner was selling it because he was not satisfied with its performance and wanted a larger unit. As it was set up by the previous owner, it performed poorly. As it turned out, it just had the wrong consumables in it. Once I installed the correct tip, it has worked great, easily meeting my expectations. It should be noted that this problem had nothing to do with the machine.

    The second machine is a Dynasty 200 tig. It started out working perfectly, then developed an intermitant HF arc starting problem. Recently, it quit HF arc starting all together. It is now in the shop. However, I just got a call from the repair technician confirming that it will need a new board. He indicated that Miller will ship him the part within a day or two and that I should be welding again by Friday! While it has been a slight inconvenience experiencing this problem, I am very comfortable that Miller will stand behind their product and to this point has provided no less than stellar customer service.

    Based upon my experience, I would not hesitate to buy a used Miller product, especially one with a warranty. The customer service provided by Miller is second to none.


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      used welders.

      we have 2 millers. a Bobcat 225G purchased new, and a 1979 model big 40
      that was purchased used. We bought it because we had a bunch of heavy work that the Bobcat wasn't up to. Although the Big 4 did need repairs once, its been a happy machine, and is the welder's choice for all jobs (we only do stick welding), though after years of service it is beginning to show its age.---mostly rust and corrosion which would not have been an issue if it had not be out in the weather most of its life.
      Recently attended several auctions intent on buyng another used welder, but in fact did not becuse too many others were intent on the same thing and the bids seems excessive, or alternativly the welders were obviously 'used up'. when I use a 'used' welder that looks like it was regularly unloaded frm a contractors truck by chaining it to a post and driving away, I don't buy it.
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        Buying from someone you trust is a big part of it. If the machine seems too good to be true it probably is, my 200DX was used and I am glad to have it. Love it!


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          I just bought a powcon starcut at an auction and after buying a new torch and a bunch of consumables im into if for 900 to buy this machine from arc products is close to 3 k it works like new . they had big 40 welders and sae 400 and 250 sae lincolns going for 300 bucks they looked rough but all ran . they had lincoln ln 25s going for 500 and a batch of older ln 25s and ln 7s i think there was like 25 of them went for the whole lot like 600. depends on who shows up at the auctions for the most part i would agree sometimes auctions are hit and miss. depends how many ppl show up and how many ppl want what you want i paid 350 for an almost new speedaire refrig air dryer that lists for over a 1000 .
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            I have bought mostly new machines. Its alright to keep your eyes open and pick up on deals if you have the know how to fix some stuff. As for small wire feeders, they are kind of like a commodity and the market is very competitive, I would be hard pressed to spend up much for a used MM210 when a new one is so reasonable out of the crate, brand new to the tip, bumper to bumper. I have a 300 synch I got for next to nothing, 100 in repair, I have the power to run it, a forklift to handle it, the use was limited so its a good deal for me. To the next guy that has an S10, limited room and power or wants to use long cords then a new 200 Dynasty can make more sense even given the higher price. New, used, its all a trade off.


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              My first used machine was an old white face Millermatic 200. I purchased it back in about 89 or 90and it has been used every day commercially ever since. I have burned up 3 torches on it and my repairs to date have consisted of a main power switch, an amp selector switch, a set of capacitors and a contactor. This machine is now close to 30 years old and still works like new.

              My second machine is a Syncrowave 351 I just purchased used a month or so ago. It is an excellent machine and was in very good condition.

              As with anything, I have gone and looked at used equipment that was advertised that was in horrible condition and I have seen other equipment that was hardly used. You just have to watch what you buy. While looking for a used tig welder, I called on an esab machine that was advertised and was told it was in like new condition. When I got there to see it, there were cob webs growing out of the cooling fan and the top of the machine had been used as a welding table. It took the guy about 10 minutes to get it hooked up and running and after he did I couldnt get it to strike an arc unless you went to full pedal and then it would blow holes in everything.

              Good stuff is out there, but so is a lot of garbage.


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                12 years ago I bought 8 Miller 200amp AC/DC portables, I think they were AEAD's, for $300. They were in rough shape, all had abused engine problems. Onan parts are outragus, $50. for one main bearing, $89. for gasket set. I went through all of them and brought them back to life. When I sold them they were gold, my phone rang off the hook. As bad as they were, none of the welder parts were bad! I just had to blow inches of dust out of them.
                Also have a Dialarc 250 AC/DC that I bought at an auction 4 years ago for $60. It was my first auction, I was so excited to get it for that price that I missed the next items for bid. The auctioneer seeing the low price on mine took 3 other Dialarc's and put them together. They went for $90. , I'm still sick over that one! The one I bought works perfect, I did blow out the dust. I keep it just in case I want to start building ships or bridges!!
                As always, buyer beware with used equipment. Know what you are looking at or just take a chance. It really depends on the price. I've bought stuff and been in over my head, turned around and sold it to someone who could repair it.


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                  Originally posted by HAWK
                  I have purchased 2 used Miller welding power sources: XMT 304, Dynasty 300DX TIGRUNNER. I also picked up a used 22 wire feeder (predecessor of the 22A). These machines work hard for me on 1 and 3 phase power. They have been moved across several states and still work perfectly. The XMT 304 was eventually sold.

                  I was literally sick when I sold that unit. I later replaced it with an ALT 304 "Auto-Line" version of the XMT 304. It was a limited production model with a few added features that are now incorporated into the XMT 350. The mosted notable feature other than the "Auto-Line" is a different PCB for the low end ouput allowing for 20 amp/10 volt bottom end on the V/A curve.

                  It's a tough decision to buy used equipment without a warranty, but I knew the history on the TIGRUNNER and the XMT 304 was a blind buy. Living right I guess.
                  I received a phone call yesterday from an individual who read this read. He reminded me that I also bought a TB302 used with only 4 hours. He is correct as he sold it to me. I have never had any problems with this "new/used" machine. It was a great deal and he is good friend. I apologize for overlooking the man from River Ridge.


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                    I picked up a red machine a while at a swapmeet and it works great. Its an ideal arc 250 with power factor capacitors and about 70 feet of leeds. Its was a great deal to.
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                      Some old, some new

                      I bought the mm200 used from a Miller repair shop here in San Diego, he had replaced the contactor, added a new torch and ground, gave me a year warranty.

                      I almost bought a Syn250 but ran into power issues (not enough) so I treated myself to a new Dynasty 300 tigrunner.
                      (aka Fred) back from the penal league
                      MM200 (antique and still cook'n) - gone
                      Replaced by a MM252
                      Lincoln 160 buzzzzzz box - left to live with a nice youngster
                      Dynasty 300DX - still kickin'
                      Spectrum 625 - ditto
                      Chevalier Knee Mill - Bridgeport clone you idiot. - gone
                      Homebuilt tube bender - with home made dies no less - now co-opted
                      Delta Drill Press & Grinder collection -

                      Needed - a bigger shop to use the stuff


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                        I bought my Dynasty 200DX and my Dynasty 300DX TIGRunner used. I also bought my Hypertherm 190C plasma cutter used.

                        The 200DX was like new. It had less than an hour arc timer. Still looks like new. The 300DX had under 20 hours on it and was in excellent condition. Not quite 'new' condition, but it cleaned up nicely. These two machines have performed flawlessly and both are 2004 models.

                        The Hypertherm 190C I bought for $500 had a few problems. First the consumables had not been changed in a LONG time. I've never seen an electrode that shot. After I put all new consumables and a cup shield on the torch, I got inconsistent cutting arc starts. Turns out the ground cable was bad. It tested fine with a DVOM, but had an intermittent issue. I replaced it with ultra flexible silicone wire with a stamped steel clamp. Good as new now.

                        I don't worry too much about buying things used. Saving $700 here, $1500 there, $400 over there adds up fast.
                        David W.
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                          Bought Used

                          I tried for two years to find an older Dailarc HF-P. I worked with such a unit 25 years ago so I knew the capabilties of this machine. Finally found a near perfect example of ebay for $750. That included the cart, tanks, cooler, torch, flowmeter and consumables. I haven't regretted that purchase at all.

                          I got lucky, but a fellow car club member bought an older Linde HF 250 from e-bay and although it looked great, that unit has has been a disaster.



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                            I have bought a 2 used dialarc's back in the 1980s and mm130 more 3-4 years ago. As yoda might say, "never a problem have I had." All my stuff is used.


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                              I bought a Powcon 300ST with 50' leads, tig torch, regulator, and a full tank of gas for $300. The guy I bought it from said he couldn't use because he did not have 3-phase power. I opened the case and switched the taps. I used it for 3 years on 220 single phase and then sold it to a friend for $500.