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How many of you bought used ?

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  • How many of you bought used ?

    This will be a poll, but feel free to put some feedback also
    I bought used, had NO problems
    I bought used, and ran into nothing but problems

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    I bought my MM130 new in the mid 90's and the only problem I have with it is that it needs more amperage. lol The solenoid doesn't even leak at all, so I can leave my tank open for as long as I forget about closing it.

    Then I bought my tigmate (it's blue on the inside ) used and the previous owner had some air hose quick connects on it and the regulator (no cart) and the inlet fitting to the solenoid ended up being cracked from either over tightening, or impact with something. A little jb weld on an adapter fitting stuck in there and all is well.

    Consider the owner when you make the purchase. Look inside to make sure the thing isn't the wrong colors (burnt or overheated). Lots of people keep welders for decades and never need servicing.
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      I try to buy a lot of stuff at commercial auctions. Sometimes something small is wrong so when you correct it you have a good machine at a reasonable price. There is also some satisfaction in having a high quality industrial fleet of welding equipment for a fraction of the cost! .....sometimes I have stuck my finger in my eye though (see my post on looking for an xrm gun). Overall I think that some common since will go a long way toward keeping a person out of trouble in the used market. Good Luck, JEFF
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        Bought my MM175 used

        I got my MM175 from a guy who was using it to weld 1/2" attachments for backhoes. I was little concerned he might wrung the [email protected] out of it but he let me inspect it thoroughly and run a few beads. It was very dirty. I spent the better part of a day cleaning it inside and out. But, it has worked like a charm since I got it. The complaint I have is that the paint isn't shiny new.

        I'd buy used again. It's just harder to find a used Dynasty 200DX.


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          my used equipment

          Bought my 402D used with 168HRS on it now has 275 no problems yet.My S-32 feeder used 10YRS ago also no trouble. getting super deals this way also
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            You can't see the results unless you vote. And the option of not having bought a used one isn't there. Are you able to add it in on an edit?

            I've not bought a used Miller, but I have two that were given to me, an old MM130 that I had to replace the feedmotor on, and an old CP-200 3-phase MIG with feeder that works excellently whenever I get 3-phase power, but the feeder adapted excellently with the TB 301G.


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              I tried for a long time to find a good used Sync350, but every one was too beat up or overpriced. So I bought a new inverter.

              Same with the engine drive. Missed one by a week. The others were POS condition or too high. The last machine offered to me was a TB251 with almost 800 hours, for $1800 (no cables, nothing but the 251). That was the motivation needed to buy a new TB302.

              Picked up a Clarke Hotshot on eBay, $275, new without box. Bought a Lincoln LN-25 for a friend (also eBay), $750 delivered.

              I prefer buying used, most all my machine tools and tooling are not new. Tougher to buy a used welder.
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                I have purchased 2 used Miller welding power sources: XMT 304, Dynasty 300DX TIGRUNNER. I also picked up a used 22 wire feeder (predecessor of the 22A). These machines work hard for me on 1 and 3 phase power. They have been moved across several states and still work perfectly. The XMT 304 was eventually sold.

                I was literally sick when I sold that unit. I later replaced it with an ALT 304 "Auto-Line" version of the XMT 304. It was a limited production model with a few added features that are now incorporated into the XMT 350. The mosted notable feature other than the "Auto-Line" is a different PCB for the low end ouput allowing for 20 amp/10 volt bottom end on the V/A curve.

                It's a tough decision to buy used equipment without a warranty, but I knew the history on the TIGRUNNER and the XMT 304 was a blind buy. Living right I guess.


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                  I bought my Dynasty 200DX slightly used under warranty with no regrets. Typically I will buy used when the cost 'new' is out of my price range. The Dynasty 200DX is a prime example. I was all set to buy a TA 185 when I found a very attractive deal on a 200DX w/ Contractor kit. So the savings there made it possible for me to buy a high end welder. I also picked up a used Hypertherm 190C plasma cutter hundreds less than new with no issues, other than the previous owner not realizing you have change the electrode once in a while!

                  I do not buy used equipment that has been hauled around or is beat up. It has to look close to new in order for me to consider it. That's just me. I welded all day with my Passport today and when I was done, I used a damp cloth to clean the cables and machine before putting it away. I have machines I use that are several years old that still look almost brand new because I take the time to clean them up. Everything but my grinders that is. lol
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                    My first welder was used. A '79 Blue Star 2E. It was a rental unit from my supplier. Worked fine. All other machines were new except the 8VS feeder. Nothing but normal troubles associated with machines that are worked daily.

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                      I bought a used Spoolmatic 30a on eBay for $400. It works great.


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                        That sounds like a great deal! I sold a 30A and the WC24 controller for around $700 and the buyer has been very happy.


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                          I bought a used Maxstar 140 STR off e-bay with an extra torch and power cable, for about a 1/3 the price of a new 150 STL. ok so it is 10 amps less, and no built in gas solenoid. I am using for my hobby, so the budget is real tight. That extra $$ bought more parts for the car. So far I have had no complaints with the 140, other then having to find a remote for it, trying to find a deal on that too. And a deal on an AC TIG unit as well ( the only thing I wished the Maxstar had)

                          PS I only bought it used because it was a Miller, and I heard they were very good machines, not sure if I would buy no-name brands used.
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                            ?????[QUOTE=MAC702]You can't see the results unless you vote. And the option of not having bought a used one isn't there. Are you able to add it in on an edit[QUOTE]??????

                            I've not bought used either, but I clicked on "view poll results" & saw the results.
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                              I bought a 80s vintage Synchrowave 300, with two TiG torches, several sections of 2/0 welding wire and a stinger, oh yea, cooler and cart for the outrageous price of $200. It didn't have a foot controller or grounding clamp, I got ripped off! No problems with the unit at all, except perhaps the limited skill of the operator. The foot controller and the wiring materials to power it each cost more than the machine did. Buy used? In this case, yes, absolutely.