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Miller 2050 torch options

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  • Miller 2050 torch options

    I have a 2050 Plasma cutter with the 55 torch that came with it.
    I am very satisfied with the 55 torch on thicker material but I can't seem to adjust the machine down enough to get a real nice thin kerf on thinner material.
    I bought the 35amp tips for it but I still can't get the kerf as thin as I would like.
    Is there an aftermarket torch or a smaller miller torch that will work for when I want to make precise cuts on thin material?

    Is the 35amp tips the smallest you can get for the 55?


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    Spectrum 2050 torch tips

    Slag, the 35 amp tips are the smallest we could offer because if you leave the machine in expanded metal anything less than 35 amp tips wear out very fast when trying to carry the pilot current necessary to keep the arc lit.


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      I know when i cut thin guage metal i put the smallest amperage tips i have in and lower the machine all the way down. If i'm not mistaken the 2050 is a 55 amp machine? have you tried lowering your amperage down to around 20-25? and see where that takes you. Like i said i turn my 101 down to below 25 when i'm doing 1/16" and thinner and even sometimes on 1/8th if it needs to be a clean cut.

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        What do you have your amps set at?
        And what are you trying to cut?
        I find I can cut the kerf width in half by reducing the amps as low as I can get them and still cut completely through the metal.
        If I need real fine detail then I switch to my 375. Much better on thin stuff and details.
        attached pic was cut out of 16 ga. CRS using Miller 375 at 22 amps, cut rate 55 ipm.

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          I tried setting the amps down as low as possible. I also tried cutting the air pressure down to the minimum as well.

          Using a brand new electrode and tip I still can't get the kerf to where I would like it. I also have to travel a little too fast for any real precision work.

          This is on 14ga mild steel. Even with 1/8" I still believe I could cut with a narrower kerf using a OO tip on a Victor torch.

          I think the problem is that the 35amp tip still has a fairly large orifice.

          Will a smaller Miller torch work? I am willing to purchase another torch if I can get what I want out of it.

          My only other option would be to buy a smaller machine just for the thinner material.

          That is some nice work...


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            try turning the air up


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              this is your best option
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                Scott V:
                What torch it that in the picture?
                Will it fit on the 2050?

                Thanks for the suggestion. I think I tried adjusting air up and down but I try it again just to make sure.