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Dynasty 200dx - Poor bead on aluminum

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  • What has happened to this thread?
    There was a set of postings just about every day and now 11 days has passed with out anything. Did everyone give up?
    I was hoping for some answers on how to avoid grainy welds using the 100-130 Hz suggested settings.
    I read that Miller is working on a new manual for the inverter machines but no mention of release date. I want one when they are ready.
    Any response will be appreciated.


    • Nothing new to report here....I got my machine back a week ago and haven't had a chance to try it on alumnium...the second repair shop said it seemed fine but are VERY curious as to what the problem is...then strangely enuff I get an email yesterday from someone at Miller wanting to help me out...they must have read this forum because I never gave anyone my email....

      I will try the machine hopefully on Monday morning to see it is fixed or not...

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      • Cancel my Dynasty 200DX purchase?

        I was planning to stop at my Miller Dealer this afternoon and purchase a new Dynasty 200DX. I just happened to open this thread and I see that the 200DX seems to have significant flaws and of even more concern to me I read that Miller doesn't seem to be standing behind their product. I would have used it for aluminum about 40% of the time so aluminum weld quality and appearance is very important. Man am I glad that I opened this thread before I went and dropped a load of cash for what I thought was a premium machine. I have 6 machines now and all are Miller. In fact I have never purchased anyting but Miller machines for my shop ... but ... time to look at other manufacturers I guess. So what brand of competing machine should I look at that has similar capabilities/size/weight but is going to be trouble free? Any one have good experience with another brand? Time is critical ... I'll need to buy within a week for a contract job (mostly aluminum) so I have to decide on an alternative quickly if anyone can help. Thanks. R


        • As long as you have a good dealer/rep I wouldn't hesitate to buy one. The experts on the board feel that the machine works very well and that people with problems are generally doing something else wrong. Any machine can have some kind of fluke, I had a bad high-freq board and got a replacement machine right away. The second machine worked perfectly. That's why I'd say just make sure you're local dealer/rep are good to work with. And considering that you own such much Miller gear, they should treat you like a king.

          If none of your other machines are inverter machines, I would definitely suggest focusing on what is different about the inverters vs. the standard synchrowave machines. The biggest change for me was the tungsten selection and preparation. Filler selection is also a bit different in some circumstances.


          • Did you really read this thread!

            The DX Machine has a strong following and the Factory has stood behind it.
            Read the facts and see what you come to as a conclusion.

            I have been on this forum for years and have recieved alot of good advice and some not so good advice.
            I will put my DX 200 against any comparable machine and never worry.
            Now let's put in real perspective- Let Spencer (Engloid) weld with my machine and I weld with a 10,000 dollar aerowave and I guarantee 10,000 dollars his will be much better than me and that is the operator not the MACHINE.

            Fact; Some bad Hi Freq boards were produced.
            Fact; Miller stands behind their products.
            Anyone can have a bad unit produced. Does that make the whole series bad?

            This forum is a spring board for anyone who has a problem & let me tell you there is more positive than negitive.

            You will have to live with your decision, I hope you read through the smoke and choose what will work for you.

            Good Luck


            • Thx for the info guys. I've been reading some more on this all afternoon plus studying other manufacturer options. You are right, I have Synchrowave 180sd and 250 dx machines along with Millermatic 350P and 251 migs. So for tig work the inverter technology is new to me but would be a nice addition to the shop tools I have due to it's portability, tuneability etc. I'm thinking it over some more but I have to buy mid next week or go rent to get the contract done.


              • The Thermal Arc TA-185 is getting quite following these days. Of the guys on the Miller and Hobart boards there have been three Machines that had problems. Mine came in OBF and failed the first time I tried it. It was replaced with a new power source. One guy bought a used one on e-bay that had a problem. He open it up and found a connector had come off in shipping. Lastly someone had one fail after a couple of years. The failure was last weekend and it was in for service the day after the weekend. ( Warranty Service.) Now to be honest it's not a very good comparison between the Miller and the Thermal arc since there is no way to quantify the exaxt number of each brand of machine. Every time i have read of problems getting a Miller power source fixed ( 200DX to be exact ) it has turned out to be a problem with the local repair service and not a Miller issue.

                I wouldn't have any qualms about bying a Dynasty if that's the way you want to go.

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                • I see that the last response to this thread was over a year ago. I have read the entire thread and to me based on the number of experienced aluminum welders having problems with aluminum, that it is not operator error. Does anyone know if this problem has been resolved? Any engineer from Miller care to chime in? I am considering purchasing one of these machines.


                  • I stand by my post from over a year ago.
                    The DX has had few issues, and it has been mostly been operator error.
                    My machine is a very strong performer and I am very likely to purchase a 350DX tigrunner setup in the future. It is just the money factor that stings.


                    • Filler material?

                      I bought a new Dynasty 350 about a month ago and I picked up a 1lb tube of alcotec 4043 along with it. It had the same grainy appearance that you're talking about. I tried the 5356 and it worked fine... I decided to try some 4043 from Airgas.. I think it's Radnor brand... and it worked great. I have had 3 bad loads of alcotec filler material.. I'm switching.

                      I'm a rookie, but that's the what I found.


                      • I have had my Dynasty200DX for almost a year now and have only had a grainy bead problem when I was not paying close attention to what I was doing, that would also include my Thermal Arc 185TSW when I owned it.
                        Regards, George

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                        • moawdtsi
                          a lot of aluminum problems are due to simple mistakes in setup, prep, gas flow, and a multitude of othere factors. aluminum is not the easyest to work with new throw in its a repair and things get worse. that said, yes miller did have some bad chips in the HF board but that was over a year ago and they know the sereal #'s of the welders efected and was happily fixing any efected welders. buying one tomarow would not be a problem. if ya got the $$ get one and start enjoying it. you wont find a 200amp inverter TIG with the controle and abilitys of the dyn anywhere. you can get close with some of the other brands but the dyn200 is defenetly a great lil TIG unit.
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                          thanks for the help
                          hope i helped
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                          • I Have Been Welding In The Shipbuilding Industry For 27 Years. I Think Miller Power Sources Are Great , I Choose Lincoln For Wire Feed . But Every Dynasty (200dx 300dx 350dx) ,once They Get Some Hours Of Heavy Use On Them , Refuse To Start Properly. Thats The Nature Of The Beast . If You Get A Rental And The Welder Tells You It Is The Machine, It Is Probably The Machine.the Only Dynasty That Did Not Have That Problem Was 2 Mos. Old. If A Welding Machine Cannot Go 24-7 For At Least A Wk. I Got No Use For It ,unless I Go Fishing . Take Note Miller. And I Am Not Biased One Bit Stinkin' Lincoln Has Made Their Share Of Turds Too! Imho Peace Out
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                            • I'm glad you guys have only found issue with the DX. I have used Miller products for over 20 years mostly welding aluminum. I own a Miller ABP, 2 synchrowave 250's and a 300DX. Hate to sound like the dinosaur here but Miller had nearly reached perfection with the 'Aircrafter' series. It's only weak point being the mechanical relays on the expensive circuit boards. These machines could confidently weld aluminum overhead as well as flat without issue, even on anodized. Ever since the advent of square wave technology, AC welding has been somewhat of an adventure. I was hoping that when they came out with the Dynasty series, that there was an included calibration (amongst the many) that would bring me back to something comparable to the days of the smooth wave machines. Does anyone here remember what it was like to not have to listen to the noise of square wave, chase and adjust for arc wander and to have a 3rd of a stick of pure tungsten last a month at a time (welding every day and at times continuously) without wearing half of it? Who was complaining? All the top fabricators in the shop chose the aircrafters over the brand new synchrowave so I know it wasn't just me. The 300DX I have now sits off to the side only used for tacking on outside jobs. What a shame. It's been to the shop, played with by the techs from where we got it and researched to **** and back. The majority of us aluminum weldors aren't working in the lab or on the space shuttle. We're out here in production environments with enough to think about without fighting with our machines every day. Please bring back a machine that lets me decide how to weld instead of the machine being the decider. After all, that's what I went to school for. And for the record, there is the reason I am glad that I still have the ABP. When all else fails, choose the beast that never fails.


                              • If you notice my signature you will see I have my Airco also. It is old school and will lay it down better than most anything without having to "dial it in".
                                That being said I like being able to mess around with the arc and do different stuff with it(the Dynasty) and I really enjoy being able to weld aluminum with 115v.
                                I have found it to be way too easy to get caught up in believing the machine needs adjusting to do whatever. So when I get frustrated I just "get busy" and soon start laying it down as good as anything. My "go to" setting on aluminum is 70% balance and 120 hz. A good "average" setting that will get most anything done.
                                The way I see it you can either weld aluminum or you can't.
                                I heard it said the Dynasty and others make it easier for beginners. I say baloney!!! Maybe if an experienced welder is setting it up for you!! I like my Dynasty but I don't believe for one second it makes up for lack of experience....more like the opposite.
                                Some try to tell you if you don't like it you can set it up like your transformer (60hz and 50-50 balance)....sorry but it just ain't true, it's still a square wave not a sign wave and it certainly don't weld the same set like that. Sorta like everyone trying to compare Bobcats to SA 200' ain't gonna happen.
                                As for being a tungsten eater I would have to agree on that one for sure. My Airco will go forever on a piece of brown and will even clean itself back up after dipping slightly as would the freekbox/bobcat setup. I guess it's just the price you pay for all the bells and whistles With a better arc starting ability that problem would all but dissappear I believe tho.

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