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  • Spray?

    I have a miller 250mp mig welder. I was wondering if there was any way to set this machine up for spray transfer. I have ben told this is not possiable due to the fact that it does not have an adjustable slope. I have a miller roughneck 500amp torch on it so the heat output is not really an issue.

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    i think this link will work, if not, do a search for "spray transfer" and you'll see a bunch of people on here discussing it.


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      Yes you can set the MM250 MP up to do a spray transfer. A spray transfer is acheived by first haveing a shielding gas that allows for a spray transfer. I will assume that you are welding steel. You should choose a argon mixed gas that is a minimum of 80% argon with the remainder of Co2. Typically .045 wires and larger wires are used for spray but you can also spray .035.
      For the .045 set voltage at 24-25 and start out very high on wire feed speed. Hold a 3/4" tip to work distance, with a push travel angle. Start the arc , and slowly decrease wire feed speed until the crackling sound of the wire hitting the weld puddle turns into a hissing sound of the wire vaporing (spraying) slightly above the material. If you have to travel too slow increase voltage a 1/2 to 1 1/2 volts and increase wire feed speed to acheive the desired fill rate.
      The rate output on the MM250 is 250 amps @ 28 volts 40% duty cycle.
      Try it, Gary


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        If my 210 will spray with 98/2 (and it does so nicely!) you can certainly spray with that puppy! Grab up some 90/10 and go for it!

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          thanks for the advice i will be trying this this afternoon ill get back to state my results