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  • Helmet Giveaway For Members

    To thank the members of this board for their time and participation, we will be giving away one Miller auto-darkening helmet to a registered member. To be eligible, you must post a response to the following question within this thread:

    “What is your favorite Miller product and why OR if you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be and why?”

    Start Date: 9:00 AM CST on Monday, 9/26
    End Date: 11:00 AM CST on Monday 10/10

    Only one entry per registered user. Multiple posts will not equal multiple entries.
    Good luck to everyone and thank you for your support!

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    I would have to say that if I had the money to buy a tig machine I would have to go with the miller syncrowave 250. I have been using synrowaves for about 6 years now and I have NEVER had a problem with them. The ages of the machines that I get to use range from 2years old to 25years old. that really means something to me. That a machine 25 years old can still have such a nice arc after being in a educational facility for 25 years is pretty amazing.

    the new syncrowaves are really top of the line with all of the nice little built ins and I would feel comfortable throwing down the $$ cause I know that it would never let me down !



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      My favorite Miller product is sadly my only Miller product. I am happy to say it is my MM210 with the spool gun. Sure I have nothing to compare it to but with all the hours of research and countless questions I quickly found out it is the best .. and therefore no comparison was needed. It’s my first welder and so far it has been amazing. From the time it arrived, to the many times watching the video, to hours of practice, to some finished products it has been a perfect experience. It is superbly built, super easy to use and from the perspective of a then novice was a breeze to set up. The challenge now isn't to learn the machine but rather to challenge myself to be all the machine will allow me to be.

      Thanks Miller !!!!
      MM210 w/3035
      Next up - Sync 200


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        Dynasty 200DX

        My favorite miller product is the Dynasty 220DX. This welder is so nice it makes my beginner welds look profesional. There is to many good points to list out here.

        Victor O/A
        Lincon AC 225 bussbox
        Dynasty 200DX w/coolmate 3
        Saving passport or 375 plasma


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          What is your favorite Miller product

          hard call on the favorite, i wouldn't give up any of them. the plasma cutter simplicity and the creativeity inspireing easy cut has been so much fun its hard to call it work. wile at the same time my MM135 has far surpased my expectations in bolth versitility and ease of use. some day i will upgrade to a larger MIG but the MM135 will always have a spot in my shop, i will be adding a larger MIG not replacing it with 1.

          if you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be

          my next will be the Dyn.200DX as an inverter based TIG it will alow me more power from what limited power i have. it will be the big gun for my shop, and is all that is keeping me from opening. i know when the day comes i get my Dyn.200DX i will be able to rely on it to be as problem free as my other Miller products. my customers will only have me to blame for any delays as my Millers will be up and waiting on me
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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            While I love my Dynasty and Coolmate3, the Passport is a terrific portable unit. It is extremely well put together and performs like a champ. Even on 120V the unit produces great welds. The internal CO2 bottle is easy to fill and keeps the unit light and easy to transport.

            It makes me smile every time it use it.
            Bob Sigmon
            Dynasty 200DX w/ Coolmate 3
            Miller Passport
            LMSW-52T Spot Welder
            A/O Setup with Meco Midget
            Miller Big Window Elite
            Quincy QT-5HD


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              I am from the Houston area and I will say that over this past weekend, a borrowed Miller Bobcat 225 was by far my favorite Miller product. I own a MM210 but with hurricane Rita looming I was able to borrow a friend's Bobcat as a backup power source. Luckily (for us) the storm made landfall further east than originally expected and we didn't even lose power at my house. The peace of mind knowing that I had the generator power of the Bobcat available if I needed it was priceless though.

              I think if I was to buy a new Miller product it would be a Trailblazer 302, just so I could one up my buddy.


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                Originally posted by miller
                “What is your favorite Miller product and why OR if you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be and why?”
                My favorite Miller product would have to be their outstanding customer service and their committment to innovative and quality equipment.

                As far as purchasing a new Miller product, I have a MM350P/Python push-pull set-up that should be here today that will allow my business to greatly expand aluminum welding capability.
                Dynasty 350DX
                Dynasty 200DX TigRunner
                MM 350P
                MM Passport Plus
                Spectrum 375 Extreme
                08' Trailblazer 302


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                  Really hard call on my favorite product. My most fun product would have to be the Syncrowave 180SD. I am learning TIG and it hasn't failed me yet. It also is nice having a stick unit in the shop, without having to fire up the TB302. The TB302 helps me sleep at night, knowing that if power is gone, I can make my own. It also has helped me generate the most money. The most productive is my MM251. When we get into fab mode, once all the peices are cut this thing can put them together like no ones business, so it would probably edge out the others, but not by much.

                  If I was to purchase another unit, it would probably be either a Dynasty or larger Syncrowave. I would like the pulse feature and a little more control when I am doing aluminum, but honestly I don't do enough to justify an upgrade.

                  Thanks for the contest.
                  Thanks -- Kelly

                  Trailblazer 302
                  Millermatic 251
                  Millermatic Passport
                  Syncrowave 180SD

                  Red 120V Mig
                  HT600 Plasma Cutter
                  Victor Journeyman O/A
                  Loving Wife


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                    My favorite Miller product is my Syncrowave 250 with Watermate 1A and a little diamondback torch. Perfect workhorse for me.

                    What I want to purchase next is a Maxstar or Dynasty 300. That'll happen when the welder fund fills back up.

                    Thanks for the chance!


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                      Out of all the Miller products I presently own, my Trailblazer 302 has to be my favorite. I was, and still am impressed with it's out of the box quick set up and ease of operation. I have not been able to use it much lately because I need to get a new accessory for it...............a new truck. The 1978 F-350 it was mounted on gave up the ghost.

                      As far as future purchases go, when funds are available I will be getting a new 12RC Suitcase to keep the Trailblazer company.


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                        My favorite blue box is the MM210. Perfect size for what I do around my home shop.

                        I'd like to get a 200DX one day but it's hard to justify since I already have the 180SD and pc300.


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                          My favorite and only Miller product to date is my Passport. ( Which I am thrilled with). For TIG I have been looking at the Maxstar 150STH the Dynasty 300 or the Syncrowave 250DX. I suspect that the later two hold the greatest prospects to date. I just need more money!

                          If I could vote for one individual on this board to receive the helmet though I would vote for HAWK. fun4now would definitely hold 1st runner up. Both of you guys contribute tons here and I only think it fitting that you be rewarded as such. There are others here as well like Mac70, Bob Sigmon and kejohnson that also deserve a solid round of applause...thanks guys!
                          Best Regard,
                          aka Neo

                          Miller Passport
                          Miller 225G
                          Red 255
                          VIctor O/A
                          Wish list:
                          Maxstar 150STH or
                          Syncrowave 250DX
                          A Dynasty 300 if I am wishing really hard..


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                            My favorite Miller product is unfortunately my only one, a MM175 which is a great machine . Next will be a Miller tig, just undecided on which one for now.


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                              I don't have a lot of Miller products, but the ones that I do own have certainly performed flawlessly to date. I began teaching myself to weld in February, 2003, with a used Victor O/A set. In July of that year, I bought my first Miller product - the MM135. The learning curve was shot, mostly due to wire speed tracking, I believe. I upgraded to a MM210 with a 3035 spoolgun last October. I also bought a Miller Big Window Elite this spring.

                              Favorite? That's a hard one. If I have to pick, it's the MM210! One sweet machine. The spoolgun adds so much versatility that I wonder how I ever got along without one, but what do you really know when your total welding exposure is two and a half years?

                              Although it can't be considered a "product", this forum has been an invaluable aid to this novice!

                              ...from the Gadget Garage
                              Millermatic 210 w/3035, BWE
                              Handler 210 w/DP3035
                              Victor O/A "J" series, SuperRange