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    “What is your favorite Miller product and why OR if you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be and why?”

    Well then, I enjoy my Maxstar 200 DX immensely, smooth arc and pulse when I need it, but I have enjoyed it even more since I got my BWE to go with it. For me, I had to have both to weld my little projects.


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      Originally posted by miller
      “What is your favorite Miller product and why OR if you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be and why?
      I was going to be purchasing a miller water cooled setup for my husband.


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        Number one on the wish list is a Dynasty 300 DX.


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          My favorite machine is the MM 210. This because most of us - are not pros or "once-in-a-while-welders". I think it's a great all around machine that will server the needs of most people. I would think it's got to be one of Millers most popular models. I LOVE mine - and it has never let me down.

          Miller rocks!

          Millermatic 210
          Lincoln AC-250
          Custom Harley FXR Pro-Street


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            Millermatic 210

            Because with that I'd be able to weld the thin sheet metal of cars, up to anything automotive I'd probably ever need. Also, I can add the gun to do aluminum to this to learn that as well.


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              I currently own six welders and my favorite is my snycrowave 350. I just purchased a Big window elite and love that as well. The 350p with the python is close but I like tig better than mig.


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                The Maxstar 150 because of its size and portability


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                  I recently needed to purchase a TIG welder for my automobile restoration and engineering buisiness as well as for my own hobby needs. I had owned red machines (mig and stick) in the past and while they served me well most of the time they never performed like they were described by the company. They always fell short in some way. Inability to weld the thin matirials, arc instability, etc, etc.

                  When choosing a TIG machine I knew I wanted an inverter (due to power limitations and its size) that was about 200 amps. I considered one of the imported purple brands that my dealer was pushing due to its cost but after a few discussions with the helpful guys on the Miller message boards I got turned onto the Dynasty 200dx. While it was more money, after seeing the machines quality, hearing opinions about Millers great warrentee and service, and seeing it being used on TV doing the things I needed the TIG machine to do. I took the plunge and ordered one.

                  The dyn 200dx is now amonst my favorite machines in the shop. So far it has outperformed every expectation I had and worked flawlessly. Having never TIG welded before, I read the TIG handbook prior to buying the machine. Within 2 hours after setting it up I was using the machine to fusion weld a 20 guage sheetmetal patch panel on a muscle car door I was working on. The door was refinished years ago and still looked great except for some rust that resurfaced and needed repair right near the pinch weld. What was amazing was that I was able to weld within about an inch of the paint line with no distortion or bubbling or spatter. The repair came out perfect and the door was able to be repaired without refinishing the entire door and requiring matching pinstripe colors, etc.

                  Next on the list is a MIG machine. And it is looking like a MM210 or 250 is going to get the nod.


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                    My favorite Milller product is my Trailblazer. I have thoroughly enjoyed its usefulness in many different aspects. When the power goes out during the Monsoons, my trailblazer is there to power the well, and keep the house cool. When I am out working on the horse corrals, it is there welding away and providing power for my other tools. After equiping it with a spool gun, it has come in handy for many aluminum repairs. I also learned to TIG weld using my Trailblazer, and have since turned out some very nice projects using that process.
                    Overall, I cannot think of a more useful tool.


                    • My new Trailblazer 302 (with Suitcase 12RC & Spoolmatic 30A). Projecting the fastest payback of any machine in my shop with this combination - at least that's what I told my banker when applying for the loan

                      Barry Milton
                      Barry Milton

                      HTP Invertig 201
                      HTP MIG2400

                      Miller Trailblazer 302, Spoolmatic 30A, Suitcase 12RC
                      Clarke Hotshot


                      • My new MM175 and 3035 spoolgun are my favorite Miller products

                        I struggled with a small 120V mig welder for a couple years. I never seemed to be able to get "good" welds consistently and was thinking that I must be doing something wrong. I had a number of small projects to do that required a welder that could weld 1/4" so I picked up a MM175 and 3035 spoolgun for aluminum. What a difference! It was like night and day. I think it is nearly impossible to lay a bad weld bead with this thing! Thanks Miller!!

                        Millermatic 175
                        Thermal Arc T/A-185
                        Hyperthem Powermax900


                        • All of my Miller's are my favorite

                          But my absolute favorite so far is my Dynasty 200DX. This may change after I receive my Millermatic 210 next week, but for now.

                          This welder is perfect for my application, which is home hobby use in the garage for automotive purposes. It is small, so it takes up minimal precious space I don't have, quiet (I love the fan on demand, something the 210 does not have that almost put me off from buying it), an energy sipper, as my garage does not have a bunch of power to give, easy to operate, and portable. Although the D200DX was not inexpensive, it is worth every penny to me. The arc is awesome, and the amount of control over the arc is even more impressive.

                          Thanks Miller for great products and great service!



                          • One of the best investments I have made was to purchase a Millermatic 251. Online support is also outstanding. A Dynasty 200X will be my next investment. Jim


                            • If you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be and why?

                              I'd probably buy either a 210 or 251, so I could handle thicker work than I can with my current HH180.



                              • I love my MM 251, and I'm looking forward to the day when I can replace my POS Lincoln TIG 185 with a Dynasty 200.