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    First to quote jw36 “…thank you to Miller, Andy, and others for doing this for the members. And thank you to the members for always being so helpful with tips tricks and advice.” I love you man!

    Amy702! Great to (finally) hear from you. Don't let Mac have all the fun. Come spend some time with us’uns.

    All my Miller products are my favorite! My favorite is the one I am using at any given time. They perform as promised and above my expectations no mater what I ask of them. I love to see them waiting patiently in my shop, ever-hopeful for my return to fire them up again.

    I have owned red and they are OK but BLUE, now that’s the top of the line. I think my favorite Miller “products” are Miller’s customer support, the cutting edge technology the put in all their products and the people who buy, own, use, advise, educate, make this web site possible, contribute to this web site, eat, sleep, and breathe Miller equipment--simply the best.

    Now if I could only keep 1 of my Miller products it would Dynasty 300DX Tigrunner and water-cooled torch and foot peddle and Coolmate 3 and...well I think of it as 1 unit. On the other hand, it just might be the Miller auto-darkening helmet autographed by Andy being auctioned on Miller’s United Way Fundraiser forum. You know, the one I plan to win.

    The Dynasty 300 is awesome. I love the arc control, its inverter base, power efficiency, versatility, compact size, its blue color, wind tunnel technology, digital readouts, its blue color, the ease of use, simple to understand graphics, and what I love MOST of all is that it belongs to me. I think I have gotten myself so worked up I now need to go WELD SOMETHING!!

    To all frequenting and contributing to this forum, good luck. I hope you take the prize. You all deserve to win one.


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      My favorite is my MM251. Fantastic machine. My next Miller purchase will be a BWE hood.


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        This is a tough one. I own a MM210, a spectrum 625, and a Synchowave 180 SD.
        They are all great machines, and easy to use..........

        My favorite is the blue one!


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          I will be purchasing a MM251 for business, and saving up for a Dynasty 200 for hobby work. (just don't tell the wife)


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            I'm saving up for a MM210 tried one & definetly the best mig machine.
            When opening up the machine the quality of parts used is definetly there.
            The customer service Miller provides in unsurpassed by any.
            Lincoln Precision Tig 185


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              My favorite is my old Dialarc HF! Why? Smooooth & reliable!

              Very cool welder!

              Miller Dialarc HF


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                My favorite miller product that I currently own would probably be my Dynasty 200DX. It is very versitle, I can weld stick, tig alum, mild steel and stainless, all with very little change in set up. It is also very portable and I can run it off my trailblazer. I do plan on purchasing the 300DX in the future, the 200 is just too small for 1/4" alum and up. My next favorite product that I would like to purchase would be the Air Pack, 600 amps and 60cfm...WOW! that would really help me out arc gouging.
                Dynasty 200DX
                mm350P,Trailblazer 301g
                Spoolmatic 30A
                R115, XR30A, SP32
                TD cutmaster 38 plaz
                PowCon 300sm w/feeder
                Lincoln Hi-Freq
                '05 Topkick Crew 4x4 Duramax Edge Juice w/Att 12' bed


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                  Based on all of the reading and research (and beleive me, its alot of reading) I have done on the miller site and here at the forum, I am a firm believer in the abilities of the Dynasty 200dx. I am going to receive mine tomarrow and I cannot wait. I constantly go to the DHL tracking site to see where it is.

                  I came really close to buying the Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 185, but thanks to this forum I have seen the light. Just as stated, Millers technical suppport is awsome, and I say this not only because of what has been said here at the forum, but I called Miller myself and found out that their tech support agents will go all out to answer your questions. Not the same story at the other place, if you know what I mean.

                  What I plan to buy next is a plasma cutter. I do not have much to say on that subject because I am still far away (financially) from purchashing it. When I get ready though, I will begin my research here at the forum and at Miller's site.

                  You might be asking, why start at the forum or the Miller site? Well it is simple, when you have this many people that are owners of specific equipment you are looking for, and 100% of them say that they love their equipment and advise you of how durable and long lasting it is, why not listen. I want my investment to go a long way and I feel that with Miller I cannot go wrong.
                  Dynasty 200dx
                  Lincoln Electric MIG 135

                  2XTREEM DIGITAL STUDIO


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                    I love my MM251. The welder with the 30A spoolgun lets me tackle just about anything that i need to weld.

                    As for the future, i'll be getting a Dynasty 300DX tigrunner so i can get my red welder out the door.


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                      I used an Invision 345MP w/ a 22A feeder when I went back to school after 15 years away. That machine made it so easy to learn the right way to mig with the adjustable inductance and micro adjustable digital meters and being able to do stick with the same machine WOW. That machine got me solidly into welding and I bought Blue twice since, regrets----NONE I love what I've bought.

                      I'ver enjoyed reading everyones responses.

                      Welcome aboard AMY702, Judie will enjoy reading that your a member now.


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                        What is your favorite Miller product and why?

                        For a good half year I was looking for get a welder. For a good ammount of time I was looking for Lincoln welders and all but after I heard I could get a Miller brand welder I instantly started collecting all the Miller books and reading about all the different machines.

                        I only weld for a hobby and don't have much cash but I managed to save up enough for a Millermatic 175. I have had this miller for about 3 months now and am learning to weld at a vocational school. For the first mongh and a half I could only stare at the new Miller after I took it out of its box because I was looking for an electrician to wire a sub panel so I could run a new outlet for the Millermatic 175.

                        After a while I got fed up with high prices and unanswered calls and went down to Cooper electic and picked up a new square D QO sub panel with all the wire and breakers. After I got home I cut the power to the main panel and started removing wires from the main panel and installed them into the new sub panel. After 4 hours I had a new sub panel wired allong with a 50 amp outlet on the other side of the house.

                        Now I'm hapilly running my Millermatic 175 whenever I get the chance. I think it is the best tool I own and ever will own.

                        The worst piece of welding equipment I own has to be my auto darkening helmet. I got it from HF about 1 year ago and I think its starting to go bad. when I was watching someone weld at class the helmet would start to change to clear mode and I would get flashed. The lid still protects my eyes in clear state but I know I will have to get a new one soon. I was looking to upgade to a miller auto helmet with a big lens but with such a high price tag I cant just go out and buy one yet.

                        I was thrilled to see this giveaway because it is what im looking for at the time so im hopeing to win everyone else

                        thanks for your great products Miller
                        I always brag about your products to my friends.


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                          My favorite product is the MM251. I currently have a MM175 and a Spectrum 375 and would like to upgrade to the larger mig.


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                            “What is your favorite Miller product and why OR if you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be and why?”

                            My favorite Miller product:

                            Well, that would have to be the Dynasty 200DX. Funny thing is that is what I plan on purchasing for my next welder.

                            Why? Because it gets the job done and oh so nicely. Right now I own a EconoTwin HF tig. It is an old unit and has done very well but I need some more bells and whistles, like pedal current control, pulsing and duty cycle manipulation.

                            It is also a very small unit with lots of jam, good for portability.

                            My second and third items that I would like to purchase are a plasma cutter for all that stainless and aluminum cutting that my OA torch just can't seem to get through and finally a BWE, red flame one.

                            Why the BWE? Because I hear great things about it and I drool in the store everytime I see it. I would also like to have less than 3lbs on my head, never mind flashing myself all the time.

                            Well. Good luck to all of you! Go Miller go and hats off to you for the United Way fund raiser!




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                              My current Miller product is a MM135 Mig. Had it for serveral years and it fixes all the neighbors busted lawn mower decks etc. just fine. If I decided to add another Miller machine, it might be a SYNCROWAVE 180 SD.




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                                Without question, my MM210 is my all-time favorite machine.
                                Why? Well, I could rave about the quality, but its my favorite because it is capable of doing the light sheetmetal work that is required in my old muscle restoration hobby. Yet, I can quickly switch wire sizes and do equipment repair here around the farm...and for other farmers in the local area. Then, with the spool gun, I can also do aluminum such as my neighbor's boat that had a small hole in it. Without a doubt, this is the best all round machine I've owned. Whether I win the helmet or not, I just want to say: Thank you Miller for manufacturing such a cool machine.
                                BTW, it was also tough enough to survive hurricane Rita and is still going strong.

                                MM210 w/3035 Spooler
                                Stars & Stripes BWE signed by Andy

                                TA185TSW w/Miller Radiator 1
                                Miller Spectrum 125C
                                Victor O/A
                                Parker Plasma 40