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    My favorite Miller is my MM210.
    Hopefully sometime soon, I plan to get a Dynasty 200DX.


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      My favorite miller machine is the passport I was a little aprehensive at first but after getting it and using it,it is awsome on both 110 and 220...very good welds and a very durable machine. the machine I would like next would be a trailblazer 302 with an extreme feeder


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        the only miller products i own are my D200DX and BWE helmet. both were purchased to do small aluminum products and work very well. The best part about miller beside the excelent products is there customer service. Right after I purchased MY 200DX it stopped working. they took it back and attempted to repair it. after almost 2 weeks they were still having trouble and began throwing parts at it I contacted miller and said this is unacceptable they agreed and 2 days later I had a new machine. Its like having a brother in the business.

        As far as future purchases I would like a nice pulse machine so i can do more aluminum work maybe an xmt with all the accesories. Thanks again for the great customer service and giving something back to the customers you already have most companies only give to get new customers and forget about the ones they have my hats off to miller for customer loyalty.
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        pulsed mig is next...

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          Choosing a favorite is a tough one.. all of my Miller equipment impresses me each time I use.. they all work as advertised and are designed to LAST... Guess my old MM200 gets the prize... I bought it from someone who had , had it fall out of a pickup truck on the freeway at speed... Yep it had bounced down the road thoroughly crumpling the casework... they literally pounded the frame back into some semblance of square with a sledge hammer... I bought the machine for parts... But took a closer look and all of the electrical components appeared intact still firmly attached to the steel backbone... after a checkout (using the schematic still pasted to the inner frame)... found that the machine was electrically sound.... tried some welds.. and the machine performed flawlessly... this was several years ago.. and I still use the machine on a regular basis... the weld quality is as nice as the day it left the factory.... it is the ugliest of ugly ducklings... yet still performs like new.... Now that is a TOUGH MACHINE....
          (will send some pics if you like)

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          “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

          Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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            I don't have any Miller products yet but I will be getting the passport in the next 12 months or sooner. All I hear is good things about it and it's the only one of it's kind and very portable. The dual voltage and on broad CO2 is great. I will be taking a test drive soon to see if what ya'll say is true.


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              First of all, I'd like to say my favorite Miller service is the Ask Andy forum. The new Miller Projects forum is also becoming a favorite of mine.

              My favorite Miller product is my MM251 with the 30A spoolgun. The machine is awesome with plenty of power to handle all my projects. The spoolgun adds the versatility of aluminum and ability to quickly change to smaller wire for thinner materials.

              My next Miller product will most likely be a Trailblazer 302G. The engine driven machine will give me the mobility I need to make repairs in the field. Everyone's raving reviews of this machine here on Ask Andy have helped make the decision easier.


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                My favorite would be my Dynasty 200 dx. Why? Because it is essentially perfect! Light weight, powerful, full featured (what do you give up on a 200 amp machine if you go dynasty? NOTHING) Any input power, low current draw, widest range of adjustment, best warrantee. One purchase and i have it all in a 200 amp machine. I find my Miller equipment to offer everything you could want as a person who doesn't do any one thing.

                My next choice for purchase (i came close 2 weeks ago, credit cards are hurtin right now!) 350P !! again what else could i ask for in a MIG unit? 400 amps? spray/pulse/gun on demand. What can't this unit do that a cheaper one can??
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                  I have owned several Miller welders, and I currently own 2 Miller welders, a 1966 vintage Model 88 arc welder and a MM210. Before buying the 210 I was using a PowCon Mig which is a great machine, but I have never welded with a machine that did as great a job as the MM210. I did field testing for Hobart on the HH140, and after being on these forums for several years I have seen the lengths that Miller/Hobart go to to make the customer happy. My experience with Millers support was the deciding factor between Lincoln and Miller, and after my personal experience, Blue is the only way to go for me.


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                    I am new to electric welding and did some reasearch before buying a MM175, obviously my favorite product


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                      I have a Millermatic Challenger 172 that has performed flawlessly for years. I am looking forward to purchasing both a Dynasty 200DX and a Passport. The inverter technology is a huge plus for me, the quality of welds, the portability and flexibility.

                      I really appreciate the articles and tech advice given here on Miller Motorsports.
                      Dynasty 200DX
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                        My AEAD LE 200 engine drive would be one and the other would
                        be my Passport. I really like my Binzel cooler made by Miller. (Does that count?)

                        I guess I would like a 350p if they get around to adding the hot start program.


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                          My favorite Miller product is my TrailBlazer 302 LP, this unit has been there when things got rough during the last local disaster (Katrina) and actually became part of the family in a personal way by being a very critical provider of both comfort & necessity.

                          The unit is a WORK HORSE & fits so many functions into a single package that I really have been overwhelmed to find it's limitations.

                          The 302 performs so well in so many different areas you can't go wrong with this product.

                          The stick welding arc is exceptional, as is the Lift Arc Tig
                          performance with the Auto Off Feature.

                          It is a great power source for my portable 8 RC Wire Feeder and produces an exceptional mig welds out in the field that can be only compared to my in shop capabilitys of the MM 251. Field work equal to in shop performance is both a time saver & a money maker.

                          I have had to provide aluminium repair using both a 30A Spoolgun for thick aluminium plate and some finish work on thin wall aluminium tubing with the 302 LP powering a Dynasty 200 DX. Thank goodness for clean power for the inverter, and not having to fear damage to electronics .The time savings with one system covering both types of repair was priceless. The customer was also extremely happy with the turn around time

                          302 LP GREAT IN ALL FUNCTION.

                          My next purchase will be a Dynasty 300 DX to close out the shop with just a few more amps for aluminium tig welding .



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                            150 stl

                            my favorite miller welder is the 150stl. it is the best investment in welding equipment i have ever made. in the future though, i would like to upgrade to an ac tig welder. definetly blue.


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                              My favorite Miller product is my Millermatic 175 (my 1st welding experience - and my favorite new "toy")


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                                Helmet Givaway

                                My favorite Miller product is my Syncrowave 250. Although I have a lot to learn about it still, it works like a champ. Would love to win the Miller helmet to see how it compares with my Optrell Satelite.