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    My favorite Miller Product, this BBS it helped me Select a Miller Product over the rest.
    Which Am I going to buy, a MM175. It fits my home shop needs perfectly.



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      my favotite miller product is the mm210. not to big not to small.


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        My favorite is my MM210 with the spoolgun. I do like my 180SD alot too.

        My next purchase will be a Spectrum 625 or larger plasma cutter.

        I would also like thank Andy and Miller for the forum and also for the United Way Fundraiser. That is a wonderful thing! Thanks.......



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          Millermatic 250

          It would have to be My Millermatic 250 which replaced a Millermatic 35. I just purchased a Dynasty 200DX to replace a Syncrowave 180SD. I do like to Tig weld when I am building projects. But the Millermatic 250, Just cranks out the work when time is short.In my line of work I sometimes need to run back to the shop,fab something quickly and get back to the job site. The 250 lets me do this. The Dynasty is not only replacing the Syncrowave 180 but a maxstar 85s which was use at location for small weld jobs. The Dynasty will perform that duty now.Ask me my favorite next year and the Dynasty may be giving the Millermatic 250 a run for the top spot.

          I purchase Miller because I have been satisfied with the product , But support from the dealers and the Miller web site support and forums like this one are a major factor. The Dynasty purchase is a machine that exceeds my present needs or skills. But I know I can grow into it and if I have any questions. I could "Ask Andy"


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            favorite, 22a with an xmt......just excellent, very crisp and smooth big purchase,200 dx


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              Originally posted by miller
              “What is your favorite Miller product and why OR if you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be and why?”
              First thank you to Miller, Andy, and others for doing this for the members. And thank you to the members for always being so helpful with tips tricks and advice.

              My favorite Miller product is my MM 210, it is my second welder and my first "Blue" welder. It has been easy to use and set up for a relative beginner and has performed flawlessly. I would guess my Maxstar 150 STH will soon be my new favorite but I've been so busy with work and mechanical issues with my race car that my tig welding looks like "bird poop". I hope to correct that soon, or at least get some more practice time. Next on the list is not a welder but an accessory a spool gun is next followed by a plasma cutting device of the Spectrum 375 variety

              Thanks again,
              Maxstar 150STH
              Dream it list:
              Blue Plasma cutter
              Spool gun


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                Favorite Miller Product

                Hello All,
                I usually read all the posts, but I still learning and haven't had much to contribute. My favorite Miller Product is the MM 251. I bought one last December so my son and I could learn to weld. My son took a welding course at college and I have read everything I can find on welding. The 251 has made learning easy. The machine has performed perfectly and let me work on my technique. The "easy to use" 251 and the good advice I have gotten reading this message board has made learning to weld a good deal easier for me.


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                  I have owned and used many different millers from the old AC machines with crank on top(never could read the tag but it sure ran nice)up to the early inverters(didn't care for the arc'maybe the new ones are better?)but my fovorite is my 300 amp Shopmaster.I love the multiprocess for repair work-can go from arcgouging to Mig with the flip of the switch and lots of power besides.My new spectrum 2050 is pretty sweet also.Bill


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                    favorite would be my dynasty 200

                    the one I would most like to have is a dynasty 300!


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                      I have a Synchrowave 180SD and like it a lot. I would like to buy a Passport because it not only seems powerful but portable.



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                        Favorite Miller product ?
                        Syncrowave 250 ! Why?
                        Since I was a kid on the farm I have been into welding and fabricateing on everything from farm equipment , to my cars and bikes , and to art work. I have always relied on an antiquated Westinghouse Ac stick welder and the OA torches for all my work. The syncrowave 250 has opened up a whole new degree of ease and pleasure in my work, and the ability to do things with the tig that I used to use the torches on just blows me away with the clean , unflame dammaged results.The machine has the power of a workhorse and the delicasy of a butterfly. As for my next purchase I have been wanting a mig , but I am so used to stick and torch welding I think my money would be better spent on a plasma cutter , the Spectrum 375.
                        To all who contribute to this board.
                        My sincere thanks , Pete.

                        Pureox OA
                        Westinghouse 300 amp AC stick
                        Miller Syncrowave 250
                        Hexacon 250 watt solder iron


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                          I agree with most. The best things about Miller are the customer service, cutting edge technology,and this website.

                          My favorite machine is my Dynasty 300.The nachine that I will buy next is an Invision 354 and 70 feeder.


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                            Originally posted by miller
                            To thank the members of this board for their time and participation, we will be giving away one Miller auto-darkening helmet to a registered member. To be eligible, you must post a response to the following question within this thread:

                            “What is your favorite Miller product and why OR if you were going to purchase a new Miller product which one would it be and why?”

                            Start Date: 9:00 AM CST on Monday, 9/26
                            End Date: 11:00 AM CST on Monday 10/10

                            Only one entry per registered user. Multiple posts will not equal multiple entries.
                            Good luck to everyone and thank you for your support!
                            My favorite Miller product is the Syncrowave 180SD I just got... What a great machine ...I love it!!
                            Syncrowave 180 SD
                            MM185 with 3035 Spool gun
                            1971 Roughneck 1e
                            Stars-n-Stripes BWE
                            Optrel Satellite OSE
                            ESAB 875 Plasma Torch
                            Lincoln 200SA Diesel
                            O/A Set
                            Century 250A/C-D/C BuzzBox
                            1.5 kVA Spot Welder
                            Phoenix Electrode Conditioning Oven

                            Professional Auto Mechanic since 1974
                            My own shop since 1981

                            Cya Frank


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                              My favorite Miller product is my Trailblazer 302G with the Kohler engine! It is the most flexible engine drive I have ever owned. Here are a few reasons why I love this machine:

                              The fact that this 300 amp machine, with such a small footprint, puts out the power to arc gouge with 1/4" and 5/16" carbon rods is awewsome. I can even run 1/4" rods well into the night while powering 1500 watts of halogens from my light tree. All this is done from a 1/2 ton 4x4 truck.

                              When doing field construction the "Auto-Off" on the "Lift-Arc" DC TIG is great! It is really easy to stop the arc on a pipe root pass by barely pulling up on the torch. From here it's just a process switch flip and grab the stinger to run the fill and caps passes with a 7018.

                              Again with a flip of the process switch I can go from stick to my 12VS Xtreme for a flux core pipe cap or bucket shank repair and even to my 12 RC for spray to fill a bucket crack or short arc for lighter work such as outer panel sheet repairs.

                              No matter which process I use with the Trailblazer 302G the arc is smooth and clean. The 3 phase 4 pole DC arc is truly unbeatable. This is an all around awesome engine drive with unmatched quality and verstility for in the field welding!

                              My next purchase will be a BIG BLUE 400 or 500 for its clean arc characteristics and its raw power. There is nothing like have the extra amperage to really blow a 3/8" carbon and move it with smoothness that only comes from the big diesel drives! The 15 KW and 20KW 3 phase power on the CC/CV deluxe models is a real selling point for me. When I need extra operators the ability to power several XMT's running in the 150-180 range is awesome! Even with the BIG BLUE on board the Trailblazer will still be at the head of my pick up bed for many years to come.


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                                I would say my fav Miller product is the new syncrowave 250 DX we brought a few months we were using a 20yr old CIG (Australian brand )tig since getting a Miller it has our work load so much easyer