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Water cooled Vs Air cooled TIG torch?

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  • Water cooled Vs Air cooled TIG torch?

    For say light duty 200 amp aluminum welding, how much of a difference is there between the two? Can you get away with a small tungsten with a water cooled torch?
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    I hadn't used a air cooled torch in awhile, did a job with aircooled becuase I was to lazy to switch back to water cooled. I guess it's one of those things once you have used water cooled it's hard going back to a/c. Everything stays cooler including the tungsten.



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      Water-cooled is always the way to go if you can get or rig a cooler. I only have an air-cooled available in case I need to do some unexpected TIG while in the field off the TB.


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        along with staying cooler.. watercooled torches tend to be more flexible and physically smaller for the same amperage rating which makes a huge difference in getting into odd positions as well as a lot less fatigue at the end of the day.... after using a watercooled... switching back to gas cooled feels clunky and stiff..
        just my 2cents worth

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          I agree, I have never used an a/c torch but the Water cooled ones are the best! At school we run one on the sync 250 and it's great for what we do, I am probably the only one to actually weld 1/4" stainless at 250 amps and the torch never got hot although my pinky got warm since it was really close to the arc and the metal.
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