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    I purchased a MM175 and it came with a small (2#?) roll of solid .024 wire. When I picked up a tank filled with C25, I also grabbed a large (11#?) roll of solid .030 wire. My question is, do I need to purchase a new liner for the .030 wire? My thinking is that since Miller supplied a roll of .024, then the liner they supplied me is a .023/.025 liner. I noticed on their webite that they list three liners for my machine: .023/.025, .030/.035, and .035/.045

    I'm thinking I'm going to need one of the .030/.035 liners to be able to use my large spool of wire. Can anyone confirm?

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    You should be set to go with the liner that came with the welder, which probably is the .030/.035. I have run .023/.030/.035 through my HH140, and it has the same gun.


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      When I got my MM175 a couple of years ago - I immediately installed a 11# spool of .030 solid wire and a .030 contact tip and was off and welding.
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        The MM 175 comes from the factory with an .030/.035 liner installed in the gun. So you'll be fine with the .030. BTW, I've never had any wire feeding issues running an .023 wire though this liner either.