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  • 14 pin to 6 pin

    Does miller or some make an adapter that I can use to go from a 14 pin foot or finger control to a 6 pin? Anyone have 6 pin foot or finger control for sale?
    Just your average Joe who likes to build stuff!!

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    Hello jdss,
    If you are talking about a 14 to 5 pin I have an adapter cable.I had it built to use on my old miller 350 sycro tig.The machine had a 5 pin input & I wanted to use a new style 14 pin foot control.If this is a miller unit you have check to see if it's not a 5 pin.If it is a 5 pin get back to me.


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      I have a maxstar150, I believe it has a 6 pin.
      Just your average Joe who likes to build stuff!!

      Millermatic 200
      Maxstar 150


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        5 pins are used on the foot control and the hand control has 6 pins because it uses the 6th conudctor, typically the shielding, for a ground that's not necessary for the foot control.

        Amphenol makes the 14 pin in a solder type connector, better to use than the crimp style unless you alreay have all the insert, removal and crimp tools. The 6 pin plug is manufactured by Switchcraft. Miller has part numbers for both. I will warn you it "ain't no picinic" making these jumpers. You would be better off contacting cruizer and seeing if he will make you one or 2 sets.

        The Switchcraft plug is a very tight fit and requires some finesse and TLC to kep from breaking or shorting it out.


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          I can attest to the Amphenol connectors taking time to solder up. 14 wires took me about 35 minutes at work the other night. Big fingers and small wires make for slow work.


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            Use Maxstar Pedal on Dynasty

            I just bought a Dynasty 200 DX and I'd like to use my MaxStar pedal on it. Where would I get the parts and pinouts to make a 6-pin female to 14-pin male adaptor?

            It seems crazy to spend another $200...

            Other than the connector, the pedal for the MaxStar and Dynasty appears to be exactly the same.
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              I know which plug your talking about, the plug will run you 15 bucks and the 20-27 amphenol around the $30 canadian mark,, for me to bilild a 2' extension is $50 and naturally shipping

              In regards to a previous comment about wiring a 14 pin amphenol, I only tend to wire in exacty what is needed to make the components work.

              I don't recollect every wiring in the full 14 pin complement as most of the extra wires are merely for options that either you don't have already or are for other machines that you won't get, ie, a stock 22A only uses 3 wires, yet often comes with 12 in the stock universal control cable.

              Seldom do I see this unit with any options so I only wire in the 3 required, If it's a long run, I wire in an additional 3 for remote voltage control and add a control pot to the feeder.