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  • Been gone a while

    Hi gang:
    I've been gone awhile and I thought that I should take a minute and update the forum.

    My last two weeks have seen my dad suffer and he finally is at peace, he was 80 and his life of doing good works has led him to this day in peace. I know life will never be the same, and I guess that is what he has always been teaching, believing is key. He was a good man, and I'll miss him.

    I'll be back fairly regularly in a couple of weeks.

    Lets not get too sappy here, please just say a prayer and be happy.

    Thanks, your friend
    Paul W. Seaman

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    I am very sorry to hear about your dad. I understand your wishes and thank J for keeping up to speed. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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      BTW: You know the road. Come on down and spend a weekend. I have plenty of work if you want to put your mind somewhere else for a while.


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        Sorry to hear... a loss like that is never easy but as you said he is at peace.
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          It's always nice to celabrate a life well lived, my prayers will be for your peace of mind.
          Regards, George

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            Ya know it's amazing to me what kind of people there are on this site. I go on a couple other sites (mostly diesel truck sites) nice sites but I have never come across a site like this one where people can share such intimate details with other people that they haven't met in person. What a great place to hang out! Thanks!
            Paul we're very sorry to hear of your loss! That's got to be a tough thing to go through. Well you said its best he's at piece now and in a better place. God bless you and your family.
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              My prayers are with you and your family Paul lost my dad last year 73 years old ////// God Bless //////


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                I lost my dad back in 87 , maybe they'll run into each other and have a good laugh at us down hear talking to each other on computers. My prayers are with you.
                To all who contribute to this board.
                My sincere thanks , Pete.

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                  Your father must have been a great man. From meeting you, I can tell you had a quality role model and were raised with a firm value system. You are an excellent example of your father's legacy and you have a lot to be proud of. Stand tall knowing your dad lives on through your life and the people you influence.

                  Thoughts and prayers



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                    I'm sorry to hear about your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

                    Brian and the little wife

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                      I will have good thoughts for you.....

                      glad to see you back.

                      Brian -


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                        we have gone through some of that ourselves in the last year... so sure can understand at least part of what you are going through... you have our condolences... sounds like he was a really great man.. and is in a better place....
                        God Bless

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                          Sorry to hear about your loss... My thoughts and prayers are with you.
                          Saving for Dynasty 200 DX


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                            Hi Paul, Sorry for your loss. I'm sure his good will continue to be seen in you. JEFF
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                              very sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family
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