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    hello again been off line for awhile.i am wondering if there is a school or class just for tig welding.i have the dynasty 300 dx and would like to learn how to get the most out of it and steer my career into a more advanced welding job or self employment.currently i mig wald mostly at work and dont get to do much tig work.the machines they have are old and tired and the work is not hi tech and i really would like to do challenging tig work but am having a hard time using the many features of this machine at home(trial and err)and was wondering if there was a short intense class for this.i dont need the theory of welding and metalurgy,i can study that on my own.just hands on instruction of advanced tig welding.thanks for any help. jeff

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    I'd check the local community college and the vocational traning schools in the area.

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