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    70S-2 wire

    Hawk, I'm seeing varying responses and thought you could use a couple cents more. I read the part about the Lincoln L-56 Superarc. We use it pretty much exclusively at work and never have had a problem with it. I have been ordering it for a little over a year now and no problems. Beads wet in real nice with either a MM210, 250X, or 251. I've also used Hobart's QCL and have not nice words to describe it. Hobart's HB18 ran fairly well also but the L-56 is slightly cheaper and wets ever so slightly better. Good luck in whatever direction you go.


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      Thanks for the info! I am about 10 lbs into my first spool of Hobart's QCL bare wire and as of this moment I would not trade it for anything! The spray is awesome and consistent as is the globular transfer and short arc. I run all modes wth 92% argon/8% CO2. I am running about 35% inductance with an ALT 304 "auto-line" predecessor of the XMT 350 and a ture CV 12RC. Things do change, but I am able to weld " crap" rebar cages and grates as the blueprints require for my contractors with ease! So far it beats anything I have tried!

      PS: If I could get a sample of Lincoln L-56 Superarc, then I would give it a shot for sure. I am always looking for the best product available regardless of cost. Money per pound is a mute point where quality and speed are the main components of interest.


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        Hawk, for what its worth, I contacted the Lincoln sales dept (via e-mail). for a sample of their Super-Arc wire for tig filler. They said they didn't have any samples, although I should be able to obtain some at a distributor.


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          Small price to pay...


          I have always seen that as a problem with Lincoln. They are typically not up for giving samples where most of the ITW companies, Hobart included, will send a sample of just about anything! That is one reason Lincoln lost the majority of my business many years ago. I do use use their Innershield, but am seriously considering finding a Hobart or even ESAB self shielding 5/64" flux cored wire.

          Of course all I am looking for is a 10lb spool of MIG wire as my 12 RC will not feed a 2lb spool. To Lincoln that is a small price to pay for a new customer if the product is that good. Ya think?


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            It's funny how Lincoln says their product is great but you gotta buy it to try it. As for the L-56, maybe it's the pallets they're sending us, but this customer is having issues with the wire, called the Lincoln Rep and has yet to show up at my shop. And the customer even called him. But the customer won't change from L-56, he loved it before this spooling problem and still says it's worth it.

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              Until something better comes along I will stick with the Hobart QCL. It really fits my needs well! If you have any recommendations on a good replacement for Lincoln Innershield in 5/64" 44lb spools, please let me know. I am over Lincoln's non caring attitude!