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Miller 3045 FC with Syncrowave 250?

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  • Miller 3045 FC with Syncrowave 250?

    Will this combo work. I'm new here and afraid I'm asking a stupid question but I figured hey might as well ask away. I'm very new to the tig machine but used to do a bunch of mig a while back (I find tig a bit more difficult) I was kind of hoping this would be a stop gap solution to get some projects dome while I learn the art of the tig.


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    Looks like it should. I checked the owners manual and it list both CC and CV powers sources. From what I gather from this and the Hobart board is the feeder will adjust the wire speed to compensate for voltage changes in the arc current.


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      That does sound odd that it'll work, i'd be very intersted to hear if it can, and if so what Control box do you use? CGA100c or CGA100? Very intersted in others thoughts.

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        I take it you are talking about the 3045 fluxcore wire feeder.I have one and run it off of a 301g trailblazer.I have used it in CC and CV mode.I had WAY to much voltage in cv mode ,my fault but it did weld great.In the cc mode it did very well also,but had trouble with vertical up welds.using .045 fluxcore wire. I finally figured out that i had it turned up to high in CV. mode and the verticals got better.I looke dat a miller mig chart for dual shield and ran the voltage at that setting,way to high for gasless wire.I dont see why you cany run it from any power source cc and cv as long as you dont overload the feeder[225 amps].


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          thanks for the replys. The question is now accademic as I just solved half of my mig deficiency by picking up a cp-250 locally. The only problem is now I need a wire feeder. Any one out there have a 22a lying around?

          It was just sounding like the 3045 hasn't actualy been used at least by a lot of people that post reviews.

          I did tig a bit today, first time that I made something useable, very rewarding to do something that's not just practice.

          Thanks again


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            Wow! That is a great machine! You will love the tapped slope and the 3 phase.
            The 22A was a popular feeder for that machine, but most any Miller 14 pin CV feeder will work.