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    I am looking at building a car hauler trailer. My pre-built trailer was stolen a couple of months ago, and the local police don't seem like they are very interested in finding it. I remember 10secbu built one that looked like a well built piece, so I'm looking for plans to build one.

    I'm looking for a 18' OAL with a 2' dove / beaver tail and it'll get some nice custom add ons that I have in mind.

    Any input as where to get plans and what to stay away from.

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    I built 500 trailers in my day. Here is a frame design we used that is real simple. You can modify it to suit. I can't post the pic of a tandem trailer of the same design my stock pic is too large for here but i can email it. Any questions just ask. I have about 100 pics...Bob
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    Bob Wright


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      I really like the simple design with the A-frame tongue. That has always been the most popular style around here. They can always be modified for a drive on gate, etc for whatever trailer type is needed. We always used the 3 ton mobile home axles because they were easy to get for $75. Those days are gone!

      We even built a 6x12 tilt using 3/8" x4x4 angle because it is what we had in the scrap pile. That was a heavy trailer!


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        We used mobile home axles on the first dozen or so then found an axle company that would sell us new axles for a good price along with new goodyear tires. The smaller axles we made in house. My first job when i was 17 was to weld up axles for another trailer company that they farmed out to us. I made about 500 axles a month for 8 years. Got to learn how to run 7018 real quick. Then we got a MM200 mig . That made work even better...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          If building, I highly recommend spending the little extra and getting the bulldog type hitch, as opposed to the more popular (cheaper) one with the stupid lever that you have to pull up. You will be much happier.

          My Dad and I build a lot of water trailers for the AZ desert dwellers, and still use mobile home axles for those.

          I prefer dropped axles for storage and car trailers.


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            What do plan on hauling with this trailer.18 ft over all length leaves a 13 foot deck with 5 a foot tongue and a 2 foot dove tail whick leaves 11 feet to park on. I own a trailer just like you described it does have 8 foot loading ramps which are steel.It is way too short. If you plan on building one build a tilt deck is the only way to go no ramps tp mess with.A friend of mine has one with an 18 foot deck and 2 foot dove tail and 5 foot tongue.It tows great and is easy to load.I want to build one with a 22 foot deck where the rear 18 feet tilts and the front 4 feet doesnt move. I own a racecar and a golf cart so the front of the trailer will hold the golfcart and the rest will hold the car.As for axles Mobile home stuff will work if you can find the parts for the brakes up here in the n.w. Nobody can get brake parts for the old mobile home axles at least new parts anyways.If ya have the money buy the torque flex axles it will lower your ride height on the trailer for easier loading of low cars.Thats my two cents. Mike


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              Sorry, I should have said 18' bed length, including the 2' dovetail. The tongue will be in addition to the 18' dimension.
              On the axles, I need to be able to open the door on the car without interfering with the fender. Drop axles will lower the deck height relative to the top of the tire and therefore the top of the fender.

              I found plans on the Northern Tool website for sale but wanted some input before I bought them. Any other plan sources ?


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                What about:


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                  Out here in ct there are so many trailer dealers its can get the same trailer you are looking for for around $1500 dollars, and it doesnt need to go through inspection to get registered. You may find if you shop around you can find a trailer for just about what you would pay in materials to build one, sans labor. Just a thought, I know the personel satisfaction you get when you complete a project like that is worth a lot also though.
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                    I purchased car trailer is almost identical to those plans, tis an 18' checker plt.deck including the dove tail, 2" bulldog but w/surge brakes which some folks don't like, 3500# axles. Seems like the max tongue wt. is 500#. Tows like a dream, loaded or not. I added a 9k lb Warn winch(forever over engineering), which comes in handy at times.
                    Good luck