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mig,stick,tig or gas

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    MIG, it's all I got! and I can't complain either!!
    Maxstar 150STH
    Dream it list:
    Blue Plasma cutter
    Spool gun


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      90%STICK,10%FLUXCORE, got to love the smoke.


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        I mostly mig on mild steel with gas shielding but just picked up a Syncrowave 180 the other week and have been practicing with that a bunch lately.

        Haven't tried aluminum yet, still playing with mild steel. I also gas weld but I can't say that I'm that great at it. Although I've used stick in the past and can do that fairly well, I don't really use it much as I really don't have much need for it.
        Learning something new everyday . . .

        Miller Syncrowave 180
        Snap-On Muscle Mig 250
        Airco Dip/Stick 160 w/aluminum spool gun
        Victor W-J Oxy Fuel setup


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          Come on guys - stop messing about !!

          You know you love TIG the best because it :

          1. is least likely to set fire to your house
          2. gives you a really even tan - grey chest hairs can be put down to sun bleaching
          3. is by far the most fun
          4. can be done without changing in to those hot overalls your wife keeps reminding you DO have
          5. gives you a really clear view of the part you are warping
          6. can mend anything your irritating neighbour (who has found out you can weld) brings for you to mend in exchange for undrinkable alcoholic bribes
          7. is so rewarding to keep the gas dealer, welding supply house and electricity company in their champagne lifestyle
          8. lets you kid yourself you are a great weldor

          Do you ever have days like this? - LOL