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  • .052 Mig Settings

    I have been welding just short of 20 years. But I have not run .052 in over 12. I know what I am doing, angles, travel rates, and such. How ever my memory is rusty on settings. I have 3 tests with .052 ER70s-lincoln l-56 85 Argon 15 CO2. I have a 3 pass 13mm 2f fillet on 13 mm plate(I was thinking 30 @ 400ipm 40-45 flow rate). A 25mm flat groove weld on 25mm plate 1G (27.5 @350ipm 40-45 Flow rate). A 25mm vertical up groove weld on 25 mm plate 3G (25.5 @350ipm 40-45 flow rate) or am I misremembering? I filled the application last night (Friday) thinking I would have some time to look some things up. How ever they called this morning, and I test Monday! A little help, I cant find much as far as resources for .052 and my memory is as old as I am!

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    13mm.....I guess that’s around a 1/2”? My initial reaction was 29-30 volts and 400Ipm. So looks like your rusty memory and mine are thinking the same thing. I think that’ll be pretty close of a starting point. Good luck on your welding test.