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  • 70 series Wire Feeder

    A customer sent in a 70 Series Wire Feeder(Sr#: LF079188) with the complaint that after 2-3 seconds the weld out put quits but it continues to feed wire and gas. When the ol' fella picked it up, the customer demonstrated the issue for him on two different power supplies...Deltaweld 452 for both. They're currently running a 22a with no issues. It came to me partially disassembled and I found the control cable had a couple wires cut. I replaced that, and tested it on the only machine I had available at the time which was a Big Blue 300 that was "output always on". It worked fine and I used it around the shop until it was sent back. They immediately called back and said there was no change and continued with the same problem on both power supplies. Again, the ol' fella went to get it and saw that the output would quit. I got it back and had a Big Blue 500 Pro this time that has output on/off settings and the feeder works fine. I've been using it fairly heavy due to a couple projects I'm working on anyways...might as well use their machine and their wire.

    Any ideas on what would cause this? I keep going back to issues with the power supplies but two separate power supplies with the same problem at the same time but will run a 22a feeder no problem seems to be a pretty big stretch. I don't like blaming things on the 200# gorilla between the driver's seat and the steering wheel without direct evidence but I'm at a complete loss since they won't let me have the power supplies. Maybe gremlins, a deus ex machina? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    If you replaced the entire cable than the only other thing is the control board. I've had control boards fail by not triggering the output but never on and off like you described. But it's possible a component is saturating and failing, cooling and working etc. There is nothing else between the board, cable and output


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      I thought about the control board, but I've had no issues with it when I run it...I've been pouring metal into a pile of different things and not a single issue. Oddly, when I spoke to their shop foreman, he offered me a job because he says he just needs anyone that can run a machine and he's having problems just finding folks to show up let alone be able to setup their own machines and run them. I suppose I have a back up plan if my empire of dirt continues to crumble around me.