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Selling welding, tools, audio, vehicles, and other stuff

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  • Selling welding, tools, audio, vehicles, and other stuff

    My house was broken into yesterday, and that's the last straw for living here surrounded by tweekers. Looks like I'm going to be having to make an emergency move. I'll probably be listing this stuff on ebay, but I figure I'll post here to see if anyone needs something. I'm just going to list things from memory, can check details for things someone is seriously interested in. For all these categories, I'm sure I have more similar things, but it's hard to enumerate a storage unit of things. Sorry, I can't let things go cheap - I need the money. Prices will be a bit cheaper than ebay, but I can't go much cheaper. Wouldn't sell some of this stuff unless I was desperate.

    XMT304. Very clean condition. Moderate use. I put new capacitors and input module in it. The one I weld with.
    XMT304. 2017 model. Ugly case, but mostly new insides. I let Miller service it, and they replaced more of the welder than not.
    XMT350. I purchased it from a closing business, didn't need repairs.
    Dynasty 200DX. Works amazingly. Can include torch. I really like this welder...
    Dynasty 300DX (I think). Was told it has a bad gas valve. Haven't tested it yet.
    Bobcat 225NT. Needs carb rebuild and tuneup. Pain in the *** to start, but welds great once it does. On good trailer. I was going to build the trailer out into a complete welding setup. Can include very expensive weldcraft welding lead reel, oxyacetylene torch hose reel, and other items I was going to use on it.
    Spectrum 2050. Was told it works great when I bought it.
    Chinese plasma cutter. Works great. Got the spectrum to replace it when it dies, but it hasn't died.
    Powermax 900. Was told it works. Was going to use it to make a cnc plasma table, but the table project I bought needs work first.
    XMT350. Clean but no power. Likely bad modules.
    Several parts XMT304 and XMT350 units.
    HF-251d. Was told it works. Was going to try TIG off my Bobcat, but decided that was stupid.
    Old all-metal 14-pin foot pedal.
    Three parts magdrills.
    Two large plastic totes of oil and air filters for welders.
    There may be another XMT304 or XMT350 in my storage unit; don't remember all that's in the back there.
    Maxstar 150STH. Was told it works. Ugly spray paint job on the case.
    Autocrane 3203 service truck crane. Needs maintenance.
    ****tons of oxy-acetylene torches, regulators, hoses, tanks, etc.
    1/0 and 2/0 leads, mostly well-used
    Tote of used Lincoln boards
    Four S-32P suitcase wire feeders. All need new ground wires, some need new trigger connector, all should work otherwise.
    Two S-32S wire feeders, one good, one ugly and missing case (circuit boards exposed) but functional
    Lincoln suitcase feeder, doesn't feed wire
    Lincoln 110V mig welder, strictly parts only
    Two Milwaukee magdrills, one small and one big, that were damaged by being exposed to a fire, but not burnt. These are ungodly expensive units.
    A couple totes of assorted welder parts
    Some Lincoln CV addon for a welder-generator
    5x9 CNC router/plasma table. This was someone else's project that I bought. It works, but also doesn't, due to unimaginably terrible design. Needs major redesigning before it's a useful tool. Currently equipped with gecko drives and a parallel breakout board.
    Solar (Century) 230V mig welder, no gun.

    Tools, mechanic:
    Snap-on crowsfoot linewrench set, up to 2-3/8" IIRC. Like new. Super expensive.
    Full set of snap-on inch wrenches to 2-1/2"
    Full set of snap-on metric wrenches, don't remember the largest size
    Snap-on 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" sockets, shallow, deep, swivel, inch, metric.
    Like new Snap-on 3/4" air impact with inch impact socket set. Literally used once.
    Snap-on torque multiplier.
    Snap-on ratchets from 1/4" to 3/4".
    Snap-on torque wrenches
    Tons of Mac, Matco, Proto, S-K, Williams, etc hand tools. Wrenches, sockets, impact sockets, ratchets, extensions, etc.
    Complete collection of air tools, probably over 100 tools. If they make it, there's a good chance it's in my storage unit. Ratchets, impacts (up to 1"), impact ratchets, grinders, saws, polishers, sanders, etc etc etc.
    Snap-on MODIS, accessories.
    Older Snap-on scanner.
    Snap-on portable tire balancer.
    The usual assortment of thousands of miscellaneous tools you accumulate fixing things for years.
    Lot of maybe 5 EU6500is, 6 EU3000is, and 10 EU2000i generators, in condition ranging from needing minor repairs to being gutted parts units. Must take all. I used to repair these, and these are ones I didn't get around to, and ones I stole parts from.

    Tools, construction:
    Six paslode impulse nailers, framing and finish, plus batteries, butane cartridges, etc.
    Nail guns, staple guns, all styles and sizes.
    Hole hog.
    Drills, saws, the usual.
    Couple crappy chop saws.
    Several air compressors of various sizes, qualities, and ages.
    Large spools (5000ft iirc) THHN wire, assorted colors, some full, some mostly used, a dozen spools or so.
    All the usual assortment of hand and power tools anyone who builds things owns.

    Tools, machining:
    Assorted Starrett and other measuring tools.
    A ton of endmills, lathe cutters, carbide inserts, toolholders, workholding, etc. A literal ton - I stacked a lot of it on a shelving unit I made with 300lb casters, and promptly broke the casters, so now it no longer moves.
    An abnormal number of (like, 10,000) helicoil inserts for small screws.

    Audio, working:
    Peavey 12" 3-way PA speakers
    Stewart PA1000 1000W 1U rack amp
    Pyle rack amp
    Behringer digital dual 31-band eq, like new
    Behringer dual 31-band eq, beat up
    Two Yamaha dual 31-band eqs, excellent condition
    Sansui 14" 6-way speakers
    Sansui 16" 5-way speakers
    Klipsch floor speakers. Dual 8" + horn + radiator.
    Pioneer 12" 3-way speakers, sansui-style grilles
    Pioneer 12" 3-way speakers, black and blue grilles
    Dynaco speakers
    Pioneer 8" speakers with sansui-style grilles
    '90s black-face amp and tuner, can't remember who made it right now, works great
    Sony minidisc recorder
    Rackmount am/fm tuner.
    Tons of speakon cables.

    Audio, repair projects:
    Two pioneer SX-828s. One has a slight DC offset, something in the bias voltage circuit, the other stays in protect but I didn't diagnose why.
    Marantz 2238b, don't remember why it's in the stack.
    Two sansui au-717s. One goes in and out of protect but has clean audio, the other has bad input stuff on one of the amp boards but the finals are good.
    Pioneer sx...626? don't remember. Nor do I remember why it's in the stack.
    Two Kenwood L-07m monoblocks. One blows the line fuse, likely bad finals, the other might work.
    Pioneer sx-1010. Bad finals.
    Sansui quad. Distortion on two diagonally opposite channels.
    Big Sansui receiver. Was told it sounded flat, but it seems to work perfectly to me.
    Some pioneer receiver with a tape deck combo, don't remember the model. Untested, may work.
    Radio Shack PA amp. Works, but I bypassed the thermal cutoff (was open) so it needs a new one.
    Panasonic quad. No power. No diagnosis done.
    QSC mx2000a. A power monster. Supposedly works, untested.
    Crown STI1000. May work, may not. Was blinking the clipping light and distorting at low volumes, then I found out it was running off 85V due to a site wiring problem, and haven't re-tested it.
    Fischer receiver. Blown STK.
    There's like 10 more vintage silver-face receivers in the stack that I'm not remembering at the moment.
    Wharfdale speakers. Melted crossover pots.
    Yamaha rack amp. One channel intermittent. Used to use it for my monitors until it started flaking. Haven't diagnosed it yet.

    Vintage computer, other electronics:
    Complete P2-300 box.
    Complete dual p3-866, msi 694d pro, 2GB ram, other shinies.
    Complete early p4 box, all Intel.
    Various floppy drives, vintage optical drives, ISA boards, random 386 to p3 era motherboards, scanners, etc. Probably about ten moving boxes of computer accessories from this era. (nothing older; it got purged in a move long ago)
    Panasonic CF-m33 mini-laptop, fully loaded (128GB SSD in a PMMX machine... lol), with four batteries, dock, a parts cf-m32 laptop, and a mostly working cf-m31 laptop. This was a project, and I love it, but the 192MB ram limit is too restrictive for me.
    Pioneer CLD-2070 laserdisc player.
    Two thinkpad A21m laptops.
    Two dell latitude p2-266-ish (don't remember exactly) laptops. One works, one has green bars on the display.
    HP designjet 1050c wide-format printer. Works but needs nozzles cleaned and possibly drop detector cleaned or repaired.
    Epson R1800 photo printer. Needs nozzles cleaned. Set of new aftermarket inks.
    Altair 8800. If you know what that is, you'll know I don't want to give it up...
    Two HP Laserjet Series II printers. One works great, one needs fuser lamp and triac. Tons of accessories.
    Vintage and less-vintage test equipment. Benchtop meter with nixies, 7 digit meter, etc.
    Various routers, grid antennas, etc, for long-range wifi setups.

    Two Outback FX2812 inverters. One is m version.
    Assorted breakers, combiners, etc.
    Dimensions 2600W 24V inverter
    Xantrex Prosine 1000W 24V inverter
    Harris Hydro unit
    Several kerosene heaters. Monitor 441, three toyostoves of different sizes, monitor kerosene tins.
    A collection of older solar modules.
    40 300Ah NiFe cells, russian made. Need electrolyte. In metal rack with busbars.
    18 (150Ah? A8H? don't remember) Edison NiFe cells. Two wooden racks plus some loose cells.
    Assorted Edison batteries. I was testing these as a hobby.
    About a dozen smaller inverters, solar and typical consumer ones.

    Household goods:
    The usual assortment of household items that accumulate.

    Carlisle CC torch. I set it up for a solenoid foot pedal, have fittings for original two-hose connections if you want to change it back.
    New kiln with digital ramp controller.
    GTT Cricket torch.
    Hand torch with stand
    Hoses, regulators, tanks, etc.

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    Splitting post due to hitting post length limit.

    Jeep M715 military pickup. Decent condition but has some rust. 38.5x11 TSL boggers. Two spare tires. Original drivetrain. Leaks all oils. New top 3 years ago. Warn 8274 winch. Troop benches. Metal pieces from original cargo bows. 12V conversion. Cherokee seats. Trailer brake controller. Comes with a new Detroit locker for the rear axle and a used ARB Air locker for the front axle that I haven't had time to install. A couple totes of spare parts, plus spare axle shafts and some other big things. Clean title in my name. I've owned it about 15 years.
    14ft equipment trailer with trex decking. Single axle yet very heavy. No paperwork. Needs brakes repaired.
    Towable trencher. Kohler engine. Works great.
    1983 Subaru GL Wagon parts car. Runs, rear end crashed.

    I'm not interested "yeah, I need a 6" 3/8" drive extension" type sales... looking to sell small things in lots. Don't have time to deal with researching, pricing, shipping individual items. Large items (heaters, vehicles, etc) local pickup in Eureka, CA, or you arrange a freight carrier or transporter to pick them up, as I don't have any freight accounts. I'd love if someone wanted to buy the trailer, and all the welders and tools they could fit on it, for enough money for me to put a down payment on somewhere else to live...


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      Man I hate that for ya. Your interests are wide ranging and you have a a ton of a great stuff you’re passing on. I doubt I can be much help other than maybe a few purchases, but you’re so far from me....I’m in southeast Texas. But I will pass your lists around through people I know, it looks like we’re interested in a lot of the same things, and so are my friends. I do have a friend that had mentioned he wanted an old military truck, but that’s been some time back. Either way, I’ll reach out to him.

      Ya man, you gotta get out of that toxic place.


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        Oof, that's brutal! I keep big angry dogs that sound and look mean at home and at the shop for that very reason and also open carry everywhere I go. The homeless and crackheads that live in the woods around the shop have stopped coming around and keep some distance from the shop. The tweekers in the neighbourhood don't come around much after one of 'em got to meet my really big dog and another pulled a knife on my neighbour and I in the driveway. Law enforcement is useless with all that...they don't even show up around here to file a report usually. I hope you get out of there with the quickness! I'll pass your list around and if anyone is looking for stuff, I'll let 'em know.



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          How about if you lay out all your oxyacetylene gear and shoot a picture? Some idea of what tips are included would really help. I may be willing to make a deal on all of it.

          Unlike a bunch of welders, O/A gear should be able to go into a single box and ship.

          Not interested in any torch lead (hoses). And welding cylinders are too big to ship. But they're easy to sell if you price them right. BTW ebay isn't really that accurate for pricing anymore now that nearly all the sellers are dealers of one kind or another.

          Include any weird old wrenches or tip reamers you have as long as they're torch related.

          Good luck. I'm a bit too far to drive to you. I drove to Roseburg and back (I'm in Seattle) awhile back to buy a big pile of Hossfeld bender tooling and it really knocked me for a loop. Getting old sucks.



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            Hate what happened to you, we had Secuity cameras installed a few years ago, the next day a Husband and wife, drug users came on the property, he was beating on the front door and she was in the court yard beating on the on the back door at the same time, my wife did not do anything except get the gun and was waiting for the first one to enter to get a shock, all recorded on the cameras, call the Sherriff and gave them a copy of the video, we pressed ever charge that we could, she spent a year in jail and he got two, both got felony charges, that was the best money I have ever spent, when in doubt get a real good surveillance system, these were so good you could make out the Tato on his neck. hope you get your asking price for all, Joe