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Dynasty 350 Help 24 code

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  • Dynasty 350 Help 24 code

    Hi, I just joined the forum yesterday looking for some assistance. I have a dynasty 350 welding machine that has an error code “help 24”. Would someone be able to help me trouble shoot/diagnose the issue? I have a fluke multimeter but I can’t seem to find a service manual online. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Help 24 indicates a power supply to the control interface board PC6 failure. possible cause is a short in pin A and pin B in the remote control.
    Check the DC voltage going to the meter interface RC16 pin 8 is common pin 1 +15 pin2 -15 pin3 +24 pin4 -24 if these the DC voltage is not
    there the Aux power board is bad if they are there the meter board is bad. I just repaired one with the same error and it was the Aux power board PC5.


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      Sorry for the delayed response! “Mother’s Day weekend”, then my daughter’s birthday… lol. I checked the pins as you suggested.

      RC-16 (1) +15.05 Vdc
      RC-16 (2) -15.20 Vdc
      RC-16 (3) +24.3 to +25.7 Vdc **not steady**
      RC-16 (4) -25.40 Vdc

      I did notice that when I power up the machine there is a faint “electrical zapping” noise coming from PC-1 board…also, this board has a relay that sometimes clicks every 4-5 seconds. What that happens the green led on the PC-5 board blinks as well.

      I took some additional voltages on the power wires going to PC-5 (RC1)… these voltages are not present when the relay that clicks on the PC-1 board starts to cycle.

      RC-1 (1) 103-115Vac
      RC-1 (5) 21.3 Vac
      RC-1 (6) 28.7 Vac
      RC-1 (7) no voltage ** ground maybe**
      RC-1 (10) 15.3 Vac
      RC-1 (11) 27.03 Vac
      RC-1 (12) 7.01 Vac

      Does this still sound like a PC-5 board? Also, is it best to get the boards repaired or buy new?


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        Going to be a aux power board issue.


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          Originally posted by cruizer View Post
          Going to be a aux power board issue.


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            I checked my two places that rebuild boards Inovat and York and they do not repair that PC. The cost of that board is just shy of a grand.


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              So, I did some digging and it looks like this 273248A board was just replaced...but it still has the same issue. The serial number on the board is J2212984-003 NC-1...I'm not 100% sure, but i think this board is a 2022 model? Do you think it has a bad board already?


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                It is not the same board.


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                  That is correct!! Lol… so I did find another dynasty 350 that I powered up and it has no codes. So I took my original 273478 board and installed it that machine, powered it up with no codes at all. But I did notice that the board numbers were not the same.
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