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wire feeder power source recommendation

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  • wire feeder power source recommendation

    Looking to add another power source for another feeder in the shop. I currently have a regency 250 and I love that machine. I’d pick up another one if I could find one around here. So I thought I’d ask for any experience with other power sources you guys would recommend.

    I like the older gear, so not looking for anything new. I’m running an s-22 feeder and a 30a spoolgun. I’m adding an s-60 feeder. I’d prefer single phase, but I won’t rule out 3ph if I can make it work on the rotary phase converter or if it can be converted to single phase without a degree in electrical engineering.

    So I’d like some opinions on other power sources, plus I’m a cheap prick.

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    I know you said older, but I've become pretty fond of XMT304s... being able to actually move them might be part of it!


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      Ok, I have plenty of old heavy iron, I’ll be happy to move one if I can get a good deal on one. A quick search on eBay and they appear to be pretty spency even used. Did I mention I’m a cheap prick? But I’ll keep an eye out for one for sure. Thanks man!