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Dynasty 210 DX machine setup menu

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  • Dynasty 210 DX machine setup menu

    Manual says in user menu each diameter has preset starting parameters see section 17.3.
    Section 17.3 shows the start settings for tungsten diameter that are in the machine setup menu.​

    17-3. General (GEN) Tungsten Programmable TIG Starting Parameters (DX Models Only)

    Once inside the machine set up menu, tungsten parameter values can be manually changed by press- ing the Amperage switch pad to step through each adjustable para- meter. Turn amperage adjustment control to change the value.​

    I can get into User menu and Tech menu, how do I get into machine setup? What else is there! How much trouble can I get myself into?


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    Here’s the manual page that shows what I’m trying to to see.

    Click image for larger version

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      I did figure it out, whoever wrote the manual should be taken out back and shot.

      Short push gas/dig annd amp gets you to User Menu.
      Tung Gen is the first parameter.
      Pressing gas/dig moves you through the User Menu.
      Pressing Amp when you are at Tung Gen moves you to the Holly Grail!
      Now you are at the start parameters shown in section 17.3.

      The manual sucks!

      What I think is if you change the start parameters the will apply to the Tung Gen settings.
      No ideas what the start parameters are for the different tungsten diameters you can select.
      Miller must know best and we don’t need to know.

      Can you tell I’m not impressed.​


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        I had initiated a support ticket and gone back and forth with a service tech.
        The Miller service tech gave up on me and I got a call from a Miller welding engineer.
        He said, if you need to change the start parameters you can only change the GEN starting parameters .
        He also said the machine starting parameters for the various diameters are not published, he didn't know them only the software engineers did.
        I could put a scope on a current shunt if I need to know.
        Also said I probably wouldn't need to mess with the start parameters using a foot pedal.

        Nice guy, good response from Miller.​


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          I don’t think I quite understand what it is you’re trying to change. What is the executive summary of your mission with this?


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            Just the start parameters for the machine.