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  • Zirconiated tungsten

    Hi guys , we are an aluminium fabrication factory , we are using Miller dynasty 350/ 400 plants and use zirconiated tungstens , does anyone know why your tungsten wont firm a ball and tends to split?

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    I don't think anyone can give a perfect answer without knowing your exact parameters and process... but some ideas might be you're using the wrong size tungsten, you're re-grinding one that's already split and it keeps splitting on the same fracture, zirconiated might not work as well as 2% lanthanted, you're starting with too much current while the tungsten is cold, your grind shape is wrong, you got a bad batch of tungstens especially if chinese, you're breaking them and leaving internal stresses instead of cutting them with a cutoff wheel, your ac balance is off, your shielding gas coverage is poor, and I have I mentioned how annoying troubleshooting tig issues is?


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      Curious to know if this is a new problem or something that’s pained y’all for a while.


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        Some tungsten’s don’t go well with inverter machines. But are fine on transformer ones.
        Bob Wright


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          We used zirconiated tungstens welding aluminum with transformer machines, the advantage over pure is it would hold up a lot better and much less chance of spitting tungsten into the weld and causing the weld to fail xray. This was in the early 90's, before inverters were common.

          This chart is put out by Miller and comes with a Dynasty purchase, or at least it use to.
          Note that zirconiated isn't mentioned

          Click image for larger version

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