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    My shop burned to the ground alone with just about everything I owned. I had a Millermatic 252, a Dynasty 300 DX and a Lincon AC/DC buzz box. I will get another 252 and maybe even upgrade to a 350P. The Dynasty.....well I don't know. I loved that machine but I don't really need that much of a machine any more. When I bought it I was building T tops for boats but don't do that much anymore. I mainly do dog boxes and small parts that we make in the shop. I don't want to get into the same situation as I did when I bought the Dynasty. When I went to buy it they sold it to me and never mentioned that the 350 would be out within a few weeks. What I'm getting at is what tig machine would be best suited for welding small parts up to like 3/8's thick. Dealing with this building I haven't had the time to really do a good search but am wondering what the pro's here might suggest. I really don't want to go with a multi process machine because I've been there before, when one part stops working you are still stuck with one or the other. Thanks......
    Dynasty 300 DX
    Tig Runner cart with Coolmate 3
    Millermatic 252
    Spoolmatic 30A
    Lincoln Idealarc 250
    Nedeman moble fume extraction system
    Digital Elite
    Aircrafter welding positioner
    Bridgeport Mill
    Mini lathe
    4'X9' 4000lb lift table with 11/4" thick Aluminum table top
    Enerpac STB Hydraulic over air tubing and pipe bender
    4X6 band saw
    chop saw
    Dewalt porta band saw
    71/2' X 71/2' powder coat oven
    4'x4' powder coat oven
    grinders, grinders, and more grinders

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    Sorry to hear about your shop. Good luck whatever machine you choose. Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I’d go back with another dynasty. It’s better to have too much machine than not enough.


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        Hate to hear about your shop, that is a terrible thing to go through, if that were to happen to me, I would be able to replace all that I have, that must be hard to get over, best of luck to you hope you can get what you need and want, Joe.


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          This is a good time to really review and dont jump to buying everything in sight or everything you think you might ever need. I been down this road and found my tools got way simpler second time around. Technology had changed so much during that time frame lots of it was rather obsolete. I( didnt even replace a drill press,,, 28 years later.
          My cousin came in for a repair the other day,,, said,,, is there much you cant do with that battery drill???
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            Get the new Dynasty 300 multi process and a 12VS every thing you will ever need, ditch the 252
            2007 Trailblazer 302G
            2004 Invision 354MP
            1999 60 series feeder
            2005 Maxstar 200DX
            2007 CST280
            1999 HF 251-1
            older Hobart hefty wire feeder
            Hyperthrem 600
            Maxstar 150S(such a cute welder)
            had and sold........
            2003 XMT 304CC/CV
            1947 Lincoln SA200G short hood
            1963 Lincoln SA200G
            1975 Lincoln SA200G(best machine ever had )
            1970's Lincoln SAE400G
            2 Maxstar's 200DX's
            1 Maxstar 200SD
            CST 280
            2 CST 250