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Aead 200LE issues

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  • Aead 200LE issues

    Hey Guys new to the forum and have received alot of great information from here!

    First off I have a I believe is a 1988 Miller Aead 200le
    Serial # jh307685

    So this is a new to me welder given to me by a family friend. The reason he quit using it is he explained that it would not come to weld rpm when trying to weld. It has been sitting for a good while.

    So I got it running great after a carb clean a few jets were stopped up. Gave it a service too.
    Then I started to tackle why it would not come to weld rpm.
    He put a new throttle solenoid but it did not fix the problem so I did al ot of reading on here and checked over items I will list out

    Checked and adjusted linkages on the solenoid
    Idle control board # 049 404 ( replaced d55 and d56 diodes) they were blown and check others with voltage meter
    not sure why they were, but I followed the wires to look for a ground short with no issues.
    Changed CR2 solenoid for the heck of it ,cheap try.
    I get power fine out of the 120 outlets and 60 hz
    im sure there are a few things Iam missing to list

    So when it starts i put the key switch to rabbit and the switch to weld speed it will sometimes pull it back for about a second then go back to idle rpm
    If i take the linkage for the solenoid to the governor off and I do the same thing it will lock back until I flip the switch back to auto idle it will release after about 10 sec.

    My question is why would it seem to work fine when taken off the linkage? Is the throttle solenoid week ? wrong one? He doesnt have the original so I cant try that. Also Im open to try anything else! Sorry for the long post just trying to explain it best I can!

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    Here is some interesting reading on what you are experiencing.

    Weldmart and High speed Engineering sell a replacement board.

    A place to talk about how-to, techniques, troubleshooting, welding processes, welders, plasma cutters or other metalworking tools.


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      If I'm remembering correctly, the solenoid kicks it down to idle, and disconnecting the solenoid should give you weld rpm. If disconnecting the solenoid isn't giving you weld rpm, check the governor adjustment, throttle linkages, etc.


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        So after some searching, I did a test pointing to the sr1 diodes may be the problem. Of course its not available. But i was checking out the r3-vr1 #046-819 seems to have some sort of fuse. Tried to test for continuity and wasnt getting any. Does any one know how to test that properly?


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 here is a short video of what its doing


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            The SRI is repairable with diodes P/N 037305. do you have open circuit voltage at the out put studs. i doubt the R3 & VR1 are bad.


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              So I did the test above a couple of times.
              Not getting a minimum of 1 volt with a 100 watt light bulb says to check CT1 transformer
              The parts diagram picture is not very clear where it is located and what it looks like. Could anyone help me find that?


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                Weld Dr. I will test for open circuit tonight and are you referring to the out put post for the welding leads?
                sorry about the last post that was made for another forum!


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                  Yes at the welding leads is where you should measure 72 volts DC/ 80 volts AC