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    Just noticed a o-ring inside. None of the ones in my kits are similar. Also have a freaking hard time to get it back in...

    Cant seem to find any parts online. The manual for the machine has no parts list. Its stated in the table of contents but its not in the manual. Ive downloaded it thinking my manual was missing pages, but its not the case.

    If anyone has a supplier or list please share!


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    Could probably use some more details, Georgie. That o-ring came out of what, from where and what happened that the o-ring is no longer in its home?


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      Sorry this was supposed to be a post in the thread i just posted yesterday for a lincoln square wave 275! I messed up with my phone!


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        Get the calipers out and measure them, your local home depot, lowes, harbor freight has O- rings.

        If they do not have them, next try the hydraulic repair shop or the local bearing store or even the John Deere dealer or any other tractor dealer.


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          I have both the standard and metric o-ring kits from HF. If it's not in one kit, it's usually in the other.