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Miller 300 Big Blue Issue

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  • Miller 300 Big Blue Issue

    Hey guys!

    have a 2007 Perkins miller big blue 300!
    recently have had both boards replaced

    welded with it for 2 weeks and recently my volts and amps will not show and the whole screen will show 0’s! Sometimes it just goes completely blank and now power at screen ! At that point it won’t weld at all! Then all of a sudden it show volts and amps and I can weld again! It’s an on going issue and I can only really weld 50% of the time as I’m waiting for the machine to register volts and amps! Any help would be great thank you!

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    If I recall correctly, there's a bolt that holds the display board down that is also a "ground"...if its loose, things get squirrelly. I've seen one rattle out shortly after the board was replaced but I don't think that was a 300. Worth looking at anyways. Ground yourself out to chassis to get rid of static before you tighten it up if that's the ordeal. I remember it being on the top side of the board...