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Onan engine parts, where to find them

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  • Onan engine parts, where to find them

    The onan engine in my hobart champion 16 has developed a rod knock. I'm having trouble finding parts for it. Anyone know places to find parts or even replacement engines to get this up and working again?

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    Most shops that deal with Cummins will also sell Onan prepared for some serious sticker shock! A quick search on the gargler shows a bunch of parts on amazon, ebay, and a site called onanpartsdotcom. There were even a couple honda retrofit motors that popped up from a "repower" place. I avoid the local Cummins shop like the plague because they're extremely proud of the onan parts apparently and the price reflects that.


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      Have you tried these guys
      This is a complete rebuild kit that includes everything you need to make your Onan like new again. Note: Most parts in this kit are available individually on this site. You can mix and match whatever you need. The full kit is intended for engines that have been overhauled several times in the past or just plain run into the ground and are severely worn.When ordering you must specify the following in the "comment box" at checkout. This is CRITICAL! Failure to provide ALL info below will result in the KIT not SHIPPING until you indicate what model and sizes required.Engine Model: P216G, P218G or P220G. Piston Size: STD. .010" .020" or .030" Oversize.Con Rod Size: STD. .010" .020" or .030" Undersize.Main Bearing Size: STD. .010" .020" or .030" undersize.Rebuild Kit includes:Two Pistons with Rings & Wrist Pins:Two Con Rods:Two Main Bearings:Two Cam Bearings:Two Intake Valves:Two Exhaust Valves:Two Intake Guides:Two Exhaust Guides:Four Valve Springs:Four Valve Caps:One Rebuilt Oil Pump: New pump no longer available.One Oil By-Pass Spring:One 168-0187 Gasket & Seal Kit:Made in U.S.A.

      There is also a repower website


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        Something about that little onan, and I don’t know which one you have, is that they need routine maintenance like any other small engine and a commonly overlooked maintenance item is adjusting the valves. Depending on which onan you have, that valve will slap the face of the piston. What’ll end up happening is that valve keeper will come completely off and then your engine just isn’t going to work at all. It’ll be tapping like crazy, sound like a machine gun sometimes. It’s an easy repair and no telling how many of these engines and been just tossed out, especially in the generators, for it. Might not be your issue, but it just made me think of it and figured I’d share.